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Does your business need a new POS system?

Change your POS system

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Still using a Flintstone’s technology and wondering why business isn’t growing?

Be it any business, with the high volume of money movement on regular basis it is necessary to invest in a right POS system.


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There can be many reasons to change your POS system, but, it is up to how you plan your business.

Below, is an attempt to address few reasons for a new POS.

Managing Inventories is the most crucial part of running a business.

How do you manage your inventories? An Excel file? Or still hard copies?

Managing inventories is not your job, it’s what a POS system does.

Right from managing orders to which products are used more, it controls and keeps a track of all without any hassle.


Do you know how much sales your business generates every day or every hour on average?

If you are a multi-unit franchise owner, then you must know sales of each location.

A good point of sales system allows you a stress-free business growth. It provides you all the reports based on your requirements.

Business intelligence is a part of growing technology and you need to run the world if you want your business to stand out.


No matter how steady your current system might be, but if it isn’t fast and smart you need to change.


The other most important factor is employee management.

With the right system, you need not manage your employees, it is all taken care of the technology.

We are in the 21st century, and if you keep trying to achieve it all by yourself then you can never succeed.

Time management, employee management, their clock in and out is all inbuilt in this new technology and you can start directing your attention to other important tasks.


POS system by iConnect offers many more features which keep you tech-savvy and ahead of the competition.

To generate greater revenues, you need to stay updated with your technology, and iConnect offers this with their REFRESH program.

All you do is pay a small amount every month and you get software updates every month and a hardware update every 4 years. This leads to less frustration and more growth.

This system also caters many other features like marketing, loyalty programs, bookings, customer management.

The entire system supports the impulsive buying psychology. It enhances the customer interaction with its dual facing screen and thus creating a brand impact on your customers.


So, think about the need to change your POS system and grow your business.


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