5 quick tips for your company’s Facebook page.

Facebook page

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Facebook page is no more just an option for marketing.

If you are a business owner and still don’t have your company page on Facebook, then high time you need to create one.

Worldwide there are approximately 2 billion active users monthly. Besides, Facebook can prove to be cost effective and easy way of marketing and grow your business.

It is really important to connect with the small target audience along with the big audience and this is easy with Facebook.

Here is a list of my top 5 focus points for Facebook page

Use of images: We underestimate the impact of images on our customers’ mindset.

Provide a clear profile logo along with a cover picture. This somehow makes your company page look more attractive and presentable.

Include at least one or two images with every post and article you promote. Images prove to be very effective, as studies prove, the product can retain a place in the human brain for a longer period of time if subjected to visual details.

Consistency: to maintain any social media, consistency is the key. Engage with your audience on a regular interval of time and allow them to grasp all that you have to offer.

Update regularly, set up a schedule to post pictures, current events, new launch, or even the smallest news you have to share with them. Being consistent helps your business by engaging with your audience emotionally.

Contact information: Does it sound obvious? Well, a complete contact information is a must for maximum audience engagement.

It is essential to provide all possible means to contact you. Be it any other social media platform or a basic cellular number. It has to be easy to find your company.

The audience generally, does not spend much time looking for your contact, if they find you loud and clear, they reach out to you, or else, they find someone else.

Boost selected posts: Facebook has an advantage of it’s being free, however, a little extra investment wouldn’t hurt your company.

The feature of boosting posts is really helpful to reach the maximum target audience. You can boost the post you think is going to impact more to your customers.

Certain events and launches where you want maximum attention from your target audience, you can just upload a post and boost it.

Experiment & engage: Each business is different and some techniques work for certain business while some don’t. For this, you need to experiment a little before developing a strategic plan.

Whichever strategy engages to highest audience interaction and business growth can be the answer to your daily social media struggle.


Have you created a Facebook page for your company? If yes, which strategies work best for your business?

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