You’ll never be caught off guard with iConnect’s built-in appointment booking. Our booking feature is a great resource for any service provider. Make your business more convenient for you and for your customers. Book appointments from anywhere, 24/7! Our fully integrated, omni-channel solution enables your customers to book appointments online via your company website, in-store, or on a mobile device. Make your business more accessible. eCommerce booking saves you and your employees time. Less time spent answering phone calls = more time providing your customers with outstanding service.

Detail-oriented design

When you book an appointment, fill in detailed information to prepare your team. Add the client’s information directly from your customer list. Store information, such as the service provider, price, and type of service. Assign different services to service providers to accommodate for each individual's professional capabilities. Even include the duration of the service down to the minute, which is perfect for busy salons that need to schedule appointments at high increments. iConnect provides notifications to make sure that you never accidentally double book an appointment or book an appointment for when the service provider is unavailable. 

Quickly accommodate your customers

iConnect also understands that sometimes things don’t always go as planned. Our Block Time and Waitlist features are here to help keep your business organized.

Let’s say your service provider is going to be in training next Thursday. He or she will not be available to take appointments. Use the Block Time feature to make sure that the service provider won’t accidentally be booked.

How do you accommodate for busy times when all of your service providers are currently in appointments and a new customer walks in? Simply add the customer to your Wait List, so that when the next service provider is available the awaiting customer will be served as soon as there is an opening in a service provider's schedule.