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Simple ways you can increase your employee morale.

Business employee enthusiasm

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If you are wondering the relation between employee positivity and your business, well the graph is proportional.

If you take care of your employee, they will take care of your business.

You need to not only manage your business but also your employees.

Are your employees dragging themselves to work? The only reason they are managing to show up to work is that they are being paid?

Being a business owner, you need to understand all aspects of managing business along with employees.

Here are few simple ways which can improve employee positivity.

Greet your Employees

Your employees are working hard to build and grow your dreams, greet them with a smile every time you meet them.

Let them know, you don’t only care about your business but also about them.

Everyone likes the feeling of being appreciated and given importance to and a smile will encourage them to work throughout the day.


Take time to celebrate and appreciate achievements.

Your team is one of the reasons you grow and you need to appreciate them by celebrating.

Everything should not be only about work, some fun and celebration are necessary.

This encourages employees to look forward to achieving higher goals.

Allow some time off

Be it having a long lunch break or a sick leave, allow your employees some time off to relax so they can work.

Grant them time for their personal projects. This will energize them and generate positivity towards work.

Have Fun

Fun and celebrations should not be restricted to birthdays and achievements.

Work culture should not feel like a prison. Encourage your employees to engage in fun Fridays and other activities together.

This will create a positive bond amongst your employees and improve work culture.


Training is not only part of work; train your employees to have positive attitude with customers and fellow workers

Appropriate training will generate positive environment and enhance your business growth.

Company Culture

Build a positive company culture.

If you are a multi-location business owner, you need a standard company culture throughout your business locations.

Hire employees with not only good set-skills but also positive soft-skills.

Soft-skills are not something which is printed boldly on their resumes, but they are something you need to look for.


Being a business owner, you need to take some positive steps create enthusiasm among the employees.

Consider the needs of employees along with nurturing your business. Invest in the right point of sales system, which will smoothen the entire experience and help your employees work enthusiastically.

iConnect offers a robust system with smart features to help you grow your business.

Also, read POS features guide for franchising business.

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If it’s not making you better, get rid of it!

Change point of sales system

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When was the last time you analyzed all your reports?

Do you know the performance of each of your locations today? No?

What sense does it make, when you can’t track all your sales and reports for each of the location at any given point of time?

Having a multi-unit business is great but, it is accompanied with a lot of responsibilities and decision making tasks.

The World is heading towards the tech-savvy aeon and nothing seems impossible for technology.

If your technology is not making you any better, you need to change it!

Be it a retail business, salon or a quick service restaurant franchise, having a right set of technology delivers better results than having a poor technology and trained staff.

My point is not to prove, you don’t require a trained staff. In fact, that is the fundamental need.

But what will your staff do with the technology of a Flintstones era!

I can understand, you have been working with this business baby since 15 years and you were doing good until now.

You love to maintain few classic ways of growing your child but, if you see ebb in your business now, you need a change.

You are proving beneficial for your competitors. They are planning every minute to crush your business and grow.

Read, how your competitors can guide you for your business.

Find out, investing in which technology will help you grow.

Having a right point of sales system can change many aspects of business growth.

The point of sales system should simplify your tasks and not complicate it.

iConnect offers a simple and smart point of sales solution. Features like business intelligence, employee management, customer management, bookings, loyalty, marketing are all covered with this system.

It offers impulse buying feature based on related recommendations and helps you achieve positive results.

Complete inventory management is included and the system is as mobile and as open as possible.

It is completely cloud based, which means you can manage all your locations with one mobile application.

Your job is to plan your business and iConnect POS will manage it.

So, if you think your current technology is not generating results, it’s time for a change!

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5 ways to sell your product.

business sales and POS system

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Advertising and innovative marketing strategies are taking over the authentic way to sell products.

Spending a huge amount of your marketing budget on advertising and still not able to drive results?

Sales and revenue for your business are not related to the amount of money you invest in your marketing and advertising.

You need to adapt the smart ways and build strategic plans for your business.

Here are five ways to consider to sell your product/service:

Store Display:

The most convenient way to sell your product is displaying them in front of naked eyes.

When was the last time you went to a Walmart or Costco and stick by your list and did not buy anything extra?

Don’t remember it?

Our generation is moving towards the impulse buy era and having something in front of our eyes help to enhance sales.


iConnect POS offers a dual screen with customer interactive experience displaying product related recommendations. Having a right point of sales system eliminates up to 20% of your negative revenue.


Be it a Salon business, or a Quick service restaurant, having your products for store display contributes to your business growth.


Events & Expo:

You need to understand the competition in your industry and assure your audience about your dedication. Go out of your comfort zone.

Get involved with the trade shows, events and engage with your target audience.

Every year there are plenty of conferences and trade shows around in each industry sector.

Save some budget for these and you will always be at the top of your client list.

These events help to grow your network by meeting potential partners and clients.

You can also plan up small events inviting all your clients to explain your new products, give away some freebies, brochures and much more.



This may need extra expenditure apart from your planned budget, but, this can be very helpful to build new clients.

Be it a retail store, Salon, or a quick service restaurant, you can place small brochures and catalogue of your premium products and services in your store for customer knowledge.

You can also add discount coupons to enhance your sales.

These small doings are helpful in the long run. This improves customer loyalty and brand image.

Your customer will remember your brand and product/services at the back of their mind.


Social Media:

If you haven’t considered this aspect of selling your product, then high time you need to get along with this fast moving world.

In the generation where, we all are constantly connected to our social media, you need to think of selling your products on these platforms.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and the list goes on.

Create your company page and start publicizing your services and products.

All you need to do is be consistent with your uploads.


Also, read, tips to create your company’s Facebook page.


You will be amazed by the results and the way your audience engages with your products.


Online Store:

This may sound like a step ahead for your sales and support team, but, being able to buy at one’s own comfort definitely steals the show.

Now you might be wondering how can a salon have an online store?

Well you can plan up online appointment booking system for easy and simple checkout.

iConnect POS offers self-check out systems to enhance fast flowing experience.


I am sure there are various other methods to sell a product/service, but the above mentioned few are a must to be considered.

Focus on the sales and don’t make unplanned investments for advertising and marketing.

Know your service and segment your target audience before investing in marketing. Be updated. Technology plays a vital role with business. If you have right point of sales system, there will be very little you need to worry in your business growth.


iConnect offers many build in features like business intelligence, inventory management, loyalty programs, employee management and much more.

Contact for more detailed discussion.

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Questions about your business to ask yourself!

Questions about business

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Being into a business means you are surrounded with many decision-making responsibilities.

Right from employee management to inventory management, everything is on you and you are juggling with various time-consuming tasks.

With the growing market demand, consumer’s purchasing decision is influenced by impulsive buying method.

Be it online shopping or a simple grocery shopping.


Read, about the impulsive buying era.


Often times, we play the blame game and end up firing a good bunch of employees.

It is important to scrutinize ourselves no matter how difficult it is.

To make sure you are running with the world, here is a list of questions to ask yourself about your business:

Do you usually meet your short term business goal?
Not all days are same, but you should analyze your reports and understand which part of your business needs some measured changes.

How are you managing your inventories?
Still maintaining the excel files? Or not managing at all?
Invest in the right technology to lead a stress-free business growth.

iConnect POS offers features like inventory management, business intelligence, self-check-out, reports and much more.

All you need to plan is about growing your sales, rest is taken care by iConnect POS system.

What do you do for employee management?

Do you have your customer data?

Are you considering Digital Marketing for your business?
In the era where everyone is connected to their cellular devices, you need to consider taking your business online.

Do you provide Gift Cards and Loyalty?

Does your system support impulse buy?
iConnect POS offers dual screen impulsive buying, where you need not worry about your sales.

Do you know who is your best employee?

Which product/service is the most popular amongst your customers?

Are you targeting the right audience?

What are your consumers expecting?

Who are your competitors?
Read, things your competitors teach you.

Do you know your daily & weekly reports?

If you are a multi-unit business owner,
How are you managing all your locations?


There may be thousands of questions running through your mind while running a business.

Having a right point of sales system can reduce your stress by 20%.

iConnect POS offer features which are simple, smart, and flexible. It provides robust technology which is tested on thousands of SKUs.

Contact for more details and a free demo.

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What to do if business is declining?

Decline of business and use POS

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The first thing you do after noticing ebb in your business is panic!

And in all that frustration, you end you making unwanted expenditure on advertisement and marketing. Isn’t that true?

Trying to check all the possible options to regain the equilibrium and seeking advice from an old friend?


Read, worst advice we’ve heard about business!


Have you realized, the success of a business is not dependent on the amount of money you spend on advertisement and how far you can compete for the customer attention?

In this impulse buying generation, business is much more beyond marketing.

Investing in the right technology and having trained staff plays a vital role in the growth of the business.

More pressure is on having an updated yet simple technology which is accessible to your employees.

If you are still living in the era where you have to maintain an excel data for your inventories, reach out to your files to figure out your loyalty customers, then high time you switch your point of sales system.

By investing in an upgraded version of technology does not mean you spend more and keep yourself in the blur vision of the profitable business.


iConnect offers a point of sales system which is easy, affordable and robust to compete this impulsive buying generation.


I understand your worries about finding the right POS system. Every business is unique in itself and it is a task to find a system that is perfect for your business.

If you are a franchisor, you might be looking for something that keeps a tab on all your locations and help you manage your multi-unit franchise remotely.

With iConnect POS, your worries are restricted to sales and rest all is covered by the robust technology.

It is flexible and is accompanied with a lot of built-in features like inventory management, gift card loyalty program, business intelligence, employee management and much more.

For franchisors, iConnect offers Refresh program which provides easy data mining with monthly software upgrades and a hardware upgrade every 4 years with 0% APR.

Now, you can take a vacation whenever you want and run your business with iConnect.

The Pulse app provides you all sales and business related reports on your cellular device.

It is convenient and flexible.


Find out what our clients have to say about us!


Also, read POS features guide for your franchising business.

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Emerging trends you need to pay attention to.

Change for a franchise POS system

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Are you following the traditional way of growing your business?

In this era when everything is running at a lightning speed, you must cope up with the emerging trends.

Your competitors are planning new strategies to compete with this challenging market and it is important to run along with the world.


Read, how our competitors teach us about our business.


Be it a quick service restaurant, a salon business or may be a retail business, being a business owner you need to stay updated with the world and its trends.

Here is a list of emerging trends you cannot afford to ignore:


What do you think would you prefer? A personalized sandwich with all your favorite toppings or a basic ready to go sandwich?

I would go with a personalized sandwich with my preferred toppings.

My point here is, we all love personalized service.

The idea of providing personalized services/products is emerging and almost all business these days are competing to meet highest possible customer gratification.

Think about your target audience and ways you can provide a personalized experience to them.

Invest in smart technologies. It reduces 40% of your work.

iConnect POS provides a complete solution with smart built in technology to help you grow your business.

It supports impulse buying based on related recommendations.

Read, we are into impulsive buying era.


Research proves visual data impacts more compared to the text data or word of mouth.

Create a visual demo of your products or shoot your client testimonials. This has proved to be very effective.

Don’t hesitate and hide behind the cameras. Reach out to your audience through a video update and connect with them.

Using the word “video” on email subject line has proved to boost the open rate up to 20%.

Take advantage of this and don’t lose a chance to connect with your audience.

Digital Marketing:

If you believe word of mouth is the way to grow your business, and often times get excited about your relatives knowing about your business, well that’s not enough.

Your loved ones are not going to empty their wallets and buy your product every time you launch a new one.

You need to understand the need for your business to go on the digital platform.

Be it a small business or a multi-unit franchise, every business owner understands the need to conquer the digital platform.

If you are still stuck to your traditional methods, think about this now.

Create a Facebook page, get your company website if you don’t have one.

Structure your online data focused on search engine optimization.

Mobile friendly:

In this tech savvy era, if you don’t focus your online content mobile friendly, then it is next to zero outcomes.

We are connected to our mobile devices and the most convenient way to reach out any digital platform is via a mobile device.

Be it a social media platform or a website, we almost operate it all through our mobile phones.

Self-check out:

With the growing challenges and demanding lifestyle, we are more inclined towards fast and easy living.

We want to avoid the hustle of waiting in the long queues when we know exactly what we are looking for.

A self-check out system provides you this leisure.

iConnect POS supports this feature and helps you enhance your business growth based on impulsive buying and customer login.

This improves customer loyalty by improving their entire experience.

Customer engagement:

There are many ways you can engage with your customers.

All the above-mentioned points contribute to customer engagement. Be it visual reach, digital marketing or personalization.

It is all about customer engagement and making them believe in special treatments.

We all love discounts! Provide occasional coupons and offers to engage with your target audience.

Keep updating your company social media reach with new activities and launch.

Every year, new trends are emerging, but we need to focus on few best for our business growth and focus on updating the business.

Choose not only a right platform but, also a smart technology that will save your basic tasks and help to focus on sales.

Contact iConnect POS for more detailed discussion and grow your business.

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Price is what you pay, Value is what you get!

iConnect POS and Refresh program

The biggest achievement for any business owner is customer loyalty.

If your customers are coming back to you for your services/products, then you are doing it right.

Many business owners know the technique of selling their products but the revenues still don’t splash.

The key is to provide an experience and not a service. Your service should be effective enough, to bring back them to you.

Many companies are targeting their customers based on impulsive buying strategies.

Impulse buying is something we all do.

To stay along with the growing demands, we need to adapt new technologies and focus more on customer gratification.

Undertake new technologies to improve the customer experience.


Having a right point of sales system is important to enhance the business revenues.

iConnect POS has answers to all your questions related to impulse buying strategies.

The POS system covers a wide range of features to target specific audience suitable for your business.

The dual screen POS system engages with your clients and boosts impulse buying based on purchase related recommendations.

Customers can also sign in with their accounts and attain customized experience. Maintain an up to date customer database to help streamline marketing efforts.

iConnect self check out POS

Dual-screen POS


The stability of traditional POS with the modernization of iConnect features. The system is robust and has powerful inventory management feature. No more stressing up for your inventories, all you have to do is switch to iConnect today.

This strong technology is tested on more than thousand SKUs to provide you and your customers with the best experience.


iConnect is offering a true subscription SaaS based solution through its REFRESH program.

Refresh program eliminates the need for costly equipment leasing or large capital expenditure for technology, which is obsolete in less than 5 years.

All you need to do is subscribe for Refresh program and you get a monthly software update and hardware update every 4 years. It is affordable and convenient.


iConnect provides other features like business intelligence, employee management, marketing, self-checkout, multiple locations ready and much more.

You need to target your audience by using the smarter ways and that is how they value your services/products.


Also, read must use POS tools for retail business and things our competitors teach us.


Contact us, for more details on our new Refresh Program!

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Reasons you need to invest in an Omni-channel feature.

Presenting omni-channel sales with multiple devices

Picture Courtesy of Pixabay

With the growing technology and the increasing demand of this materialistic world, the importance of the use of Omni channel for business is rising.

Take a moment and look around you, there might be at least three devices connected to the internet.

Omni-Channel is a unique way of sales approach through many channels and in different directions.

As we know, even the smallest business in going online these days, be it a simple beauty product to a quick service restaurant.

To cope up with the growing needs we need to consider the modern approach to marketing and sales and not restrict ourselves only to the old classical ways.

Top reasons to consider for an Omni-Channel feature:

Impulsive buying era:

If you are a business owner, you can very well relate to this terminology.

The majority of services and products are sold based on impulsive decisions and you need to stay with the world and its needs.

Having a right POS system is important, but having that right POS with the latest technology to enhance your marketing is the need.

iConnect POS is an Omni channel sales solution.

Stress-free solution:

You can operate your business through various platforms and generate revenue through different mediums and everything syncs up in one central cloud account.

It will be so easy and stress-free. All you have to worry is about sales, everything else is covered up by your system.

Makes you tech savvy:

If you are a franchisor or a multi-unit business owner, you can access and keep a track of all your sales through one device at hand.

This keeps you updated and helps you focus more on planning the future strategies.

You can perform various activities from different devices and locations through different mediums.

Being a part of an organization, means you have to be connected to your employees from a different department.

Not only sales, it even brings you close to various other departments.


Omni-Channel is an emerging feature, not all are aware of and you need to undertake this practice for the growth of your business.

All successful businesses undertake Omni-channel method for effective marketing and growth.

iConnect POS supports Omni-channel feature. You can operate your business from multiplications without any hassle.

Also, read why use the old ways when you can use the smart way and top POS features to consider for your business growth.

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5 POS tools everyone in the retail industry should be using.

Tools for retail business pos

Retail Industry is growing and with the increasing demand, we need to work on a smarter direction than in a same old way.

Retail businesses generally fail due to lack of advanced technology.

Be it a small retail store or a chain of franchises, it is much to consider updated version of a POS system.

The point of sales system plays a vital role in the growth of any retail business.

Here is my guide to top 5 POS features necessary for your Retail business.

Inventory Management:

Still using the spreadsheets? Or rather not maintaining any data?

With the progress in technology, POS systems have an inbuilt feature of inventory management.

It allows you to solve all inventory related queries with few clicks.

iConnect POS offers simple and robust technology tested on over one million of SKUs with the flexibility to reconcile your inventory.

Marketing tools:

With the world heading towards digitization, a POS system allows you to access your online tasks that can add magical feathers to your business revenue.

Yes, POS systems do provide marketing tools such as email marketing and text message marketing, online e-commerce setup, loyalty programs, automated discounts.

Having marketing tools on your POS systems, contribute to engaging your consumers based on impulse buying platform and keep them updated about your products and services.

Employee Management:  

Hiring new employees for small tasks needs a lot of management.

POS systems can manage all your employees and also provide you with periodic reports for the best salesperson.

If you are still using an old system, then it’s time to change.

With this feature, you can create your employees profile customized according to your requirements.

It also supports features like time management, service time management.


If you are still struggling with your employees to draft a report for your weekly sales, well switch to updated technology.

Your retail POS system must provide you with the periodic reports.

Having reports on your POS system is beneficial and easy. You can customize all your reports and access it remotely.

Business intelligence must be a part of your retail business in this impulsive buying era.

Self- check out:

Many times we visit a particular store with clear intentions of buying any one product and we want to avoid all the customer service interaction. This is the time when we love the invention of self-check-outs.

These are built considering the impulsive buying platform. It provides recommendations based on the product or service.

It is critical to handle your customers’ needs when involved in a retail business, but with the set of right POS system, you can generate higher revenues.

iConnect POS provides a perfect system for your retail business.

There are many other important tools which enhance the business growth like royalty program feature, gift cards, rewards, clock in & clock out and much more.


Which POS features are your favorite?

Also, read solution guide for biggest problems in retail business.

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How to solve the biggest problems with retail business?

Retail business

Picture Courtesy of Pixabay

Retail business is way too challenging then what it looks like.

If you started a business thinking, it won’t be much demanding but now it’s at ebb, well may be you will find your answers.

Everyone turns into an expert and pesters with a lot of advice and all you can hope for is somehow you can solve your worries.

Here are answers to some biggest challenges with Retail Business:


Before starting a retail business it is important to research all your options.

You may think of going with the gut feeling, but let me remind you, gut feelings are oftentimes inaccurate.

Prepare a structured plan of your targeted audience, your budget, locality and choose your business location.

Your location should be convenient not only to your customers but also for your inventory supply companies. There should be enough space for them to unload and store your inventories.

Check for any climatic damage well in advance. Trust me, you will be thanking yourself for this during rains and storms.

Managing Employees

Being a business owner, you are performing tasks equal to 3 employees, but remember, you cannot be 3 employees.

It is important to hire right set of employees and managing them well. Right management will solve 45% of your problems.

iConnect offers a point of sales system with build in features like employee management, business intelligence, reports, loyalty program and much more.

Enchanted with products

Your customers should not only love your products and services but they should be willing to pay for it too.

Having the best products in town does not generate revenues.

You need to understand what your target audience needs and how much they are willing to pay for those products.

Having less variety of products is better than having a lot of options, that consumers would confuse themselves and not buy anything.

Focus on fundamentals

Try prioritizing your daily tasks.

Running a retail business means, having a lot of responsibilities with constant decision-making pressure.

It is important to set your focus on fundamentals. In the rush of generating numbers, you should not forget about your primary tasks.

Be insightful of what your business needs from you.

Going online

Don’t be an old fashioned business owner.

By old-fashioned, I mean, don’t use outdated technology. Be with the generation. The Internet is a creative thing. Take your business online.

In the era filled with online shopping and social media, update your business and make it more convenient for your consumers.

Inventory management

This is the biggest challenge for all retail business owners.

How many man-hours are you spending for inventories? Way too much?

iConnect POS solves this problem with their inventory management feature. You need not worry about your inventories now. It is efficient, simple and tested on millions of SKUs.

Stop managing your inventories on spreadsheets, make your life simple.

Still, many retail business owners are struggling to grow their business and wondering ways to improve it.

All business is different and each one of them needs a different solution, but, small modifications can make it bigger differences.

Also read, POS features guide for your business.

Are you a retail business owner? What problems do you face? How did you solve them?

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Worst advice we’ve ever heard about business.

Loudspeaker indicating business advice

Picture Courtesy of Pixabay

Starting a business?

Be it a restaurant, salon or a retail business; have you observed a fact, that during the start of any venture everyone around you has the advice to give you.

Be it your family members, your friends or ex-colleagues, everyone turns an expert in running a business.

Here’s a list of some worst advice we have heard:

Hire only experienced: How far you think this is true?

From my experience, one can never excel in business if the entire team is 10 years experienced.

How will the new ideas flow in? What about interns?

Hiring interns and college graduates bring fresh air to your team. They are enthusiastic, hardworking and less demanding.

Go Slow: We are often stuck in decision-making dilemma where we have to choose between growing, taking a leap or playing it safe and trying to maintain equilibrium.

Our instincts hunch to work towards the growth while our good wishers tell us to go slow.

We are into impulsive buying era and we need to pace up our growth.

Remember our competitors are planning every moment to crush our business.

Every business grows at a different velocity. So plan and prepare until you find the master plan for your business.


iConnect offers a point of sales system with smart features like business intelligence, dual screen for impulse buying, employee management, best-selling products and much more.


Focus on one thing at a time: Running a business in this generation means being successful in all sectors.

It’s a digitized world and we need to focus on all forms of digital outreach.

In such situation, we cannot focus on one task at a time. There is a high possibility to end up taking more than 20 tasks a day.

If you limit yourself to focus on one task, your competitors will crush you.

Don’t take a risk: If you play safe all the time, how will you jump?

You need to sometimes take a risk.

I am not advising anything here, it depends on your business sector and its growth.

But sometimes the calculative risk is necessary to grow. Probably by not taking a risk, one can miss the possibility of growth. Even the employees tend to work smarter and more efficiently when subjected to challenges.

Give up: This is the worst what we have heard. At every stage of a business, one has always heard this advice to give up.

They say, give up and take a stable job. What does that even mean?

I believe once you start a business, there is no option of giving up.

Every business has ups and downs, that does not state you should give up.


These are just a few of the worst advice I have received, what about you?

What advice did you get, which you thought was worst?

Also, read how your competitors can be your best guidance.



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Why use the old ways, when you can use smarter ways!

Old ways Kiosk

Picture Courtesy of Pixabay

Whether you are a franchisor or a franchisee, Kiosk POS is a revolutionary software.

iConnect offers advanced POS system with patented technology that is compatible with mobile and cloud technologies.

iConnect Kiosk POS is available to businesses around the world who wish to operate more efficiently and empower themselves to sell more.

Kiosk POS is ready for enterprise level.

With Cloud Kiosk POS, you can indulge customers with total control and offer a more enjoyable experience.

The entrepreneur, benefits, as this speeds up lines and cuts down on staff costs with an automated, intuitive kiosk system. This will also help the business maintain all data through the intuitive back office system to stay on top of all your location.

iConnect Kiosk POS is customer-facing and allows customers to use self-checkout functionality. Since the kiosk connects to your iConnect account, you can manage and edit inventory and prices from any device. This will help in increased customer satisfaction with a smooth and interactive checkout experience.

Another advantage of iConnect Kiosk POS is that your staff members will be freed for other tasks to keep your business running efficiently.

Self Check out Kiosk POS

With Kiosk POS software real customer interaction is possible as this gives your customers the opportunity to explore your product line at their own pace on a familiar touchscreen kiosk device.

Another feature of search functionality makes it easier for customers to look up for specific products in the inventory.

This Kiosk POS can also be used in mobile devices for better customer engagement.

Kiosk POS software helps in increasing speed and reducing Self Check out Kiosk POScosts.

This also helps, in reducing customer brimming at the cash register. This is an automated self-serve checkout rather than a cashier.

Customers can pay using a variety of payment methods or sign up for an iConnect account with your business and add credit to their account.

Self-checkout kiosks look cleaner and more open than traditional cashier lines. Be a leader in providing a 21st-century customer experience by embracing technology that makes running your business easier.

Your customers will enjoy the ease of self-checkout and a consistent experience each time they visit your business.

These kiosks are automated and have lower costs. Quick sales are possible because it offers promotions and specials.

KIOSK POS is a wonderful app with a major overhaul. It is very easy to use with endless features.

Why use the same old ways, when you can use the smarter ways!

Also, read how impulsive buying era is affecting franchise business.



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