Business Intelligence

Learn more about your business

iConnect Business Intelligence equips single and multi-unit retailers with the technology and information they need to succeed. Learn more about your business from one location to many. Understand your sales and operations on a more meaningful level.

Monitor Your Progress from Anywhere

With over 80 different types of reports and the ability to access them from anywhere, iConnect Business Intelligence helps businesses to measure their success and grow. Generate reports about a certain product, a discount or promotion, hourly sales, sales by a certain employee and many more. Compile your data into easy to read charts and graphics, so that you and your team are always in sync. iConnect is also integrated with Microsoft’s Power Business Intelligence reporting engine, which allows businesses to quickly and easily build enterprise grade reports and dashboards.

Real-time Goal Setting

Set goals in real time based on your reports. Viable data is at your fingertips. Set goals and integrate your goal into your Back Office reports so you can track where you were, where you are now, and how far you need to go! If one of your store locations is offering a big promotion, you can see how well it’s going in real time, no matter how far away you may be.

Be competitive

Knowledge is power. Business Intelligence is essential, no matter how small or large you may be. Give your business the competitive edge with valuable information technology needed to be successful.