Robust Marketing Tools

iConnect offers digital marketing features to help your business grow. From mobile, to in-store, to eCommerce, iConnect arms businesses with resources to build effective marketing campaigns. 

Resources for growth

With built-in email marketing and text marketing tools, your business can be proactive about communicating with your customers. Create a customer in the iConnect app by adding their name, phone, and email address to your contact list. Sync your iConnect customers with your digital marketing tools. Then, design, test, and send email and text message marketing campaigns to your customers. Start a company newsletter or send promotional ads to stay actively engaged with your customer base.

Customize your campaigns.

Target customers one-on-one. Our “No returner” feature is an exceptional tool for any business that wants to incrementally drive sales. Target customers who haven’t been in your store in a certain number of days, weeks, or months. Send these customers a text or email with a promotion or coupon code, to bring them back to your store.

Loyalty Program

Our fully customizable loyalty program is a wonderful way to create a dependable client base. Reward your customers based on their number of purchases with your business. This way customers can earn points towards their next purchase each time they shop at your business.


Measure your success.

Use our built-in business intelligence features integrated with marketing campaigns to measure the effectiveness of your marketing tactics. Build a consistent brand. With a centralized administrative account, you can ensure clear communication of marketing initiatives across multiple store locations. Measure sales by one store location, a single region, or company-wide through our analytics and reporting features.


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