Employee Management

Manage your employees from anywhere.

iConnect understands that you need the ability to manage your employees on the go. Save yourself time with a more organized solution to employee management.

View your top sellers

Generate reports to see who is selling the most, during which times. iConnect lets you know which of your employees are doing a great job on the sales floor, and which employees need some improvement. Knowing your busiest times and which employees are most capable, you will be able to craft the perfect schedule.


Manage commission and hourly rates. Control commission rates by item sold or by a percentage. When the time comes to calculate payroll, no need to panic, iConnect already has that calculated for you too.

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Create employee schedules from anywhere in the Back Office. Your employee schedules are integrated into the booking application. When your service provider is working, customers will be able to book an appointment with them. When your employee is not scheduled to work, they won’t be booked for any appointments.

Time Clock

Employees will be able to clock in and clock out directly on the iConnect app. iConnect will calculate their total number of hours for you. With our cloud-based system, view information like employee hours and number of clock ins from anywhere.

Control Access Permissions

Set employee access permissions to control which functions your employees can and cannot preform while logged in to the iConnect app.