Finding The Right Franchise POS System

Many companies are currently on the hunt for the right Franchise POS system. The current market requires franchise companies to become smarter and more efficient in running a business. You might require specific data reporting, inventory management, automated checkout systems, intuitive register processing, and even business intelligence. iConnect has recognized the pain points of growing a franchise through working with some of the largest successful franchises in the nation. So we’ve developed some of the most powerful features that a franchise POS system can offer.

The first big feature that many franchises require is the smart reporting. When it comes to reports, employers want and need data in a specific format. So we included hundreds of different reports that your business can choose from. This makes it a lot easier for franchise owners to understand their business in-depth and pin point where they need to focus on when it comes to their store. Many multi-unit stores still use POS systems to a minimalistic sense when they need to be utilizing the incoming smart data. Technology makes data a lot more powerful and useful for your business and can help push sales on products that might’ve been slow to move. It also helps identify strengths that you might’ve missed.

Inventory management has also been a keen point for growing franchises. With the use of some of the finest technology, iConnect has created a simple feature where every item can be easily tracked and maintained without the hassle of manually counting. The featured technology was created to help assist employees and help improve efficiency at a store location. In combination of iConnect’s SKU scanner, items can be counted at a rapid pace.

Multi-location companies and franchises have also been coming to iConnect for self checkout kiosk solutions. Many are looking towards the future and understand that automation is becoming a big factor. With the use of self-automation, you don’t have to worry about human error. It also helps mitigate the linear customer service and create balance to how all customers are treated equal at your company.

The front-end checkout system for iConnect is unparalleled to any system out there. With the beautiful design and customizable colors, it blends perfectly with any theme. The icons and images displayed for the products also make it easy to find items. We’ve gathered the feedback from franchise companies and have developed a front-end display that works perfectly in any environment.

iConnect is also on the journey to create the perfect business intelligence system that’ll help your company predict future sales. With big data, it’ll help judge when items should be sold and what items will do good throughout a season. Big data will play a big role in the future and iConnect will have your multi-location business covered. Our team is dedicated in your success so reach out to us and learn why so many businesses are turning to iConnect’s franchise POS system. There’s many benefits that your business will see.




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