Inexpensive Food Chain POS System

Inexpensive Food Chain POS

Easy to use Food Chain POS by iConnect leverages cloud for computing data to remotely manage your business from any device. This simple and convenient software can be quickly learnt by your staff members. This can be easily mastered by even your least tech-savvy staff as it has iOS features like tapping and swiping. Even the newest team member can become adept in handling orders.

With Food Chain POS, Table billing/take away/delivery billing can be made easy. There is the facility of even splitting bills on the same table.

Split bills on the same table

Billing over categories and sub-categories

Option for different items and rate list for Table/Take-Out/Delivery billing

Takeaway & Delivery

With the latest and fast-growing technology, online orders from website & mobile are directly received in the Point Of Sale system. This helps in managing orders at one place and consolidating orders and payments easily. These features will automatically upgrade your restaurant with the convenience and flexibility of the cloud. iConnect Food Chain POS support all currencies and can be used for managing restaurant worldwide.  Start taking online delivery orders and table reservation requests from your website.

This offers a centralized customer management as the software supports all the customer data. This can be shared across all outlets of your brand prevalent across different geographies. Cloud convenience offers that you can remotely manage your business from any device sitting anywhere in the world.

Centralized system also means that you will never miss out on an order. In fact, multiple people can take an order on a single number. Customization is possible modifying the system as per your business demands. These easy modifiers will allow detailed visual menu, floor layout, menu review, floor layout and even color coding menu items. It is loaded with many smart restaurant features to meet the specific needs of the restaurants- Split By Seat, Happy Hour Deals and more. With these advanced features, you can even assign staff to section.

Food Chain POS even allows running loyalty programs. With your stored data about every customer, you can analyse the history of the customer with his favorite orders, total spend & personal occasion. Now, managing birthdays and anniversaries of your customers is easy. Even if you are managing multiple outlets, updation is possible from remote locations without even visiting different outlets.

This software will increase staff efficiency and reduce errors by allowing your staff to remain mobile and eliminate the time period needed for running back and forth between tables.

Flexible Accounting is another feature of this software and iConnect pos supports all payment methods whether its Cards, cash, coupons or Online Wallets. Payment consolidation is what delights our customers. Offline reporting is possible with online/offline sales support.  Use iConnect POS on an iPad or Windows tablet as a self-service POS system.