Cloud POS (Point of sale) is now the standard for any retail, service, and F&B business to utilize as data analytics become more important for sales and growth. Learn why data storage is important.

Future of The Cloud POS industry

Current infrastructures in cloud technology is greatly affecting how data is used and stored in business. The old and legacy generation of data storage has become inconvenient and a hinder when it faces technical issues. It requires a technical IT department to oversee and maintain private servers for data storage, which in the long run can be costly. But the current era of cloud technology eliminates the needs to handle data storage in house. Yes, there are still circumstances when private servers are required but you should put your business in a position where you’ll need minimal amounts of upkeep and technical troubleshooting.

There’s also the aspect of security. Previously mentioned, sensitive data is a focal point of attack for cyber criminals and hackers. By going with your own server, you put your business, corporation, and franchise at high risk of losing data that belongs to you and your customers.

So the first step to securing any retail, service, and F&B industry business is to migrate the data to a cloud based point of sale provider where they can maintain and manage any data.

What Cloud POS provides

With the right cloud POS provider, you’ll obtain a new form of convenience that’s non-existent with in-house servers. The right point of sale provider will handle and translate sales and formulated data into a manner where you can make the best business decisions. The right Cloud POS provider will also encrypt any credit card and personal information belonging to your customers. There’s been many cases where hackers have stolen the sensitive information from the biggest corporations due to their flawed servers and systems.

Cloud POS providers should also allow you to own all of that information without selling it off. There’s been instances where Cloud point of sale companies have written in their TOS (terms of service) that they own all information and data uploaded to their cloud infrastructure. This is an intrusion of privacy and no business should have to give up their rights to their data. iConnect is one of the few Cloud POS companies that gives you the full protection of owning your own data without worrying about the company stealing and selling off customer information.

In addition to all of these things that the right Cloud POS company should provide, it should be noted that the true leaders in the industry will give you additional options and features that are engineered for the future. iConnect for example is starting to offer power BI (business intelligence) integration for franchise and enterprise level customers. This feature will help you make the right business moves, actions, and the directions you should take by analyzing your data.

How iConnect has benefitted Enterprise & Franchise customers

Many franchises and corporations that use point of sale systems today have been turning to iConnect POS for the mentioned reasons. Legacy point of sale systems are just not optimized to function in today’s society as they can’t analyze and store data in a protected cloud based infrastructure. Many of iConnect’s customers have faced the nightmare of trying to maintain data through their private servers and databases but it was just too costly and deterrent for them to continue. iConnect also provides the best data division and analytics for the enterprise level businesses. Feel free to reach out to iConnect POS to learn how we can better serve your business to transform the way data can be protected and analyzed.

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