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Inventory Management

 Intelligent inventory management is a major key to success, no matter what scale or type of business you are running. Staying on top of inventory can improve your customer satisfaction rates, increase profits, and improve the day-to-day performance of your employees. iConnect goes above and beyond to provide businesses with an inventory management solution that allows them to keep track of their inventory in real time.
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Plan effectively

Ensuring that your business is fully stocked with your customers' favorite products is key to bettering customer satisfaction rates. Set inventory minimums so that you and your employee always know when to reorder an item. Create purchase orders in the iConnect app to download and send directly to your vendors. Also, knowing which products you have in your inventory that isn't selling well is valuable information. Keep your business from purchasing unnecessary inventory. iConnect will help to make inventory management a breeze for your business.

Our software is equipped with a matrix categorization system. This means that it is easy to add, categorize, and organize products that you offer in various sizes and colors (or any other attributes). The inventory management app tracks your inventory for you, making your business more efficient. Your data will be backed up to the cloud, so you never have to worry about hardware malfunctions interfering with your inventory management. Inventory is subtracted automatically when sales are made through the POS system.

When receiving inventory, utilize the latest technology in inventory management: a RFID (radio frequency identification) scanner. RFID scanners do not require the product’s barcode to be within a line of sight. Therefore, RFID allows you to check inventory at a much faster rate than a traditional barcode scanner.

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