Inexpensive iConnect Booking Features

FeaturesRetailFull service restaurantQSRHealth & Beauty
Employee (
Add EmployeeXXXX
Edit/Update EmployeeXXXX
Setup Pin CodeXXXX
Setup pay rateXXXX
Set access permissionXXXX
Add/remove access to locationXXXX
Set booking groupXXXX
Set passwordXXXX
Set as sales person or service providerXXXX
Set employee photoXXXX
View employee ticketsXXXX
View employees appointmentXXXX
Set employee bioXXXX
Set position/titleXXXX
Employee Schedule
Set employee scheduleXXXX
Copy from previous weekXXXX
Export scheduleXXXX
Replicate scheduleXXXX
Magic schedule setupXXXX
Employee service/commission
Assign services to employeeX
Set service price for employeeX
set service time for employeeX
Set service commission for employeeX
Set product commission for employeeXX
Access Permissions
Add access permissionsXXXX
Edit/update access permissionsXXXX
Add/Edit position/titlesXXXX
Catalog > Product/Service
Add product/service/bundleXX
Edit product/service/bundleXX
Set priceXX
Set costXX
Set tax categoryXX
Allow price overrideXX
Set Not for saleXX
Set Ship onlyXX
Allow negative quantity in store pickupXX
Need preparationXX
Sell onlineXX
Sale price, dateXX
Catalog > Item
Add Item/service/comboXX
Edit Item/service/comboXX
Create mealXX
Add/associate modifier setsXX
Set priceXX
Set costXX
Set tax category based on order typeXX
Allow price overrideXX
Assign to menuXX
Send to kitchenXX
Sale price, dateXX
Min/max reorder pointsXX
Assign category, vendorXX
Catalog > Menu
Add/edit menu category, N-tier supportedXX
Define availability hoursXX
Define prices of items at the menu levelXX
Catalog > Modifiers
Add/edit modifier setsXX
Assign modifier options (Yes, No, On side, etc.)XX
Add/edit modifier itemsXX
Add/associate modifier setsXX
Set modifier set priceXX
Enable multi-select of modifier itemsXX
Set min/max number of modifier items selectable in the setXX
Set price per modifier itemXX
Set kitchen names for Modifier set, Modifier ItemXX
Catalog > Modifier options
Add/edit Modifier options like Yes, No, On side, etc.XX
Catalog > Category
Add/edit/view categoryXXXX
Set category codeXXXX
Catalog > Vendor
Add/edit/view vendorXXXX
Set vendor codeXXXX
Catalog > Master product editor
Edit products across multiple storesXXXX
Catalog > Purchase order & Stock Transfer ( Order)
View Purchase Order/Stock Transfer (PO/ST)XX
Open new PO/STXX
Delete/Void POXX
Reorder PO/STXX
Receive open PO/STXX
Generate barcodes for received itemsXX
Export to – CSV, PDF, OracleXX
Loyalty program – Set/editXXXX
Discount – Simple percentage or dollar discount, discount code, automated discountXXXX
Automated discount – discount items automatically when certain criteria is met like BOGOXXXX
Text message marketing – create, send messagesXXXX
Email marketing – set email providerXXXX
My website – Setup ecommerce, online booking, online food orderingXXXX
Import – products, service, matrix, customers, gift cards, employee servicesXXXX
Export – products, service, matrix, customers, gift cards, employee servicesXXXX
Billing – View charges from iConnect, Close accountXXXX
Locations – Add, replicate and remove locationsXXXX
Multi-location settings – Enable sharing of customers, vendors and gift card with other locationsXXXX
Upgrade & Add-ons – Add credit card for iConnect subscriptionXXXX
Company settings > Company ( Setting)
Enable – booking, shipping, cash drawer, Pin loginXXXX
Set receipt text, currency, tax provider, time zone, gift card provider, unit of measureXXXX
Set store hoursXXXX
Company settings > Tax settings ( Setting)
Create tax categoryXXXX
Create, edit tax lineXXXX
Company settings > Payment Methods (
Enable different payment methods – Cash, Check, Outside terminal etc.XXXX
Custom payment methodsXXXX
Booking settings > Booking setting (
Add, edit, remove Booking groupsX
Add, edit, remove Retention typesX
Add, edit, remove ResourcesX
Booking settings > Service reminders (
Set service reminder for different services to send auto reminder to customersX
Advanced settings >
Add, edit, remove customer notes typesXXXX
Email template – Edit automated templatesXXXX
Get API – get API key to access public APIXXXX
Kiosk – Setup catalog item to display on iPadX
Lead source/group – add, edit, removeXXXX
MailChimp settings – set MailChimp credentialsXXXX
Customer display – enable customer displayXXXX
Label printing – customize label printing criteriaXXXX
QuickBooks – Setup QB Online connectionXXXX
Reconcile reasons – add, edit, removeXXXX
Royalty setup – set royalty percentages and criteriaXXXX
Self checkout – setup self checkout kiosksXXXX
Task, Goals, Key business product – Set certain task for a employee upon sale of an item. Set retail goals.XX
Text message settings – Set Twillio or Clickatell credentialsXXXX
Walk-in – Set walk-in tablet settingsXXX
Notification center – Set time to receive certain key reports in emailXXXX
Receipt designerXXXX
Customer and employee field customizationXXXX
Time clock settings – add new types of time tracking like vacation tracker etc.XXXX
Order type – Dine in, Take out, DeliveryX
Dashboard (
View daily sales – 2 weeks timeframe by employee or aggregateXXXX
Sales overview – Today, This week, This month in relation with retail goalsXXXX
View tasks items by employeeXXXX
View daily goals by product and serviceXXXX
Business Intelligence (
Hourly Sales Overview (today)XXXX
Top 10 selling productsXXXX
Top 10 slow selling productsXXXX
Comp Sales – Year, Month, WeekXXXX
Gross Sales – last year vs this year, month over monthXXXX
Goals – Overall retail goalsXXXX
Booking Analysis – Total available vs BookedXXXX
Register (Retail, Service)
Open/close cash registerXX
Sell product, service, bundleXX
Sell gift card – iConnectXX
Sell gift card – GivexXX
Sell gift card – ValutecXX
Sell membershipXX
Sell prepaid packageXX
Sell matrix itemXX
Scan, search productXX
Search product across all locationsXX
Search, create customerXX
View, add customer notesXX
Ticket on-hold (park a ticket)XX
Apply discountXX
Automated discount – system will auto apply discount based on discount criteriaXX
Order notes – shows in text, email or printed receiptXX
Item notes – shows in text, email or printed receiptXX
Preview ticket for confirmationXX
Support built-in tax tableXX
Avalara taxXX
Print receiptXX
Text receiptXX
Email receiptXX
Loyalty/reward point redemption, awardXX
Print checkXX
Split checkXX
Walk-in queue for checkoutXX
Search ticket by date range, ticket #, last 4 digit card, transaction idXX
Support house accountXX
Support scaleXX
Support decimal quantityXX
Resturant Register
Open/close cash registerXX
View menu, sell item from the menuXX
Select item modifiersXX
Sell gift card – iConnect, Givex, ValutecXX
Scan, search itemXX
Search Item across all locationsXX
Search, create customerXX
Ticket on-hold (park a ticket)XX
Apply discountXX
Automated discount – system will auto apply discount based on discount criteriaXX
Order notes – shows in text, email or printed receiptXX
Item notes – shows in text, email or printed receiptXX
Tip adjustmentXX
Support taxes by order typeXX
Print receiptXX
Text receiptXX
Email receiptXX
Loyalty/reward point redemption, awardXX
Print checksXX
Pay at tableXX
Split check by guest by item or dollarXX
Walk-in queue for guestXX
Search ticket by date range, ticket #, last 4 digit card, transaction idXX
Support house accountXX
Support scale for weighted itemXX
Support decimal quantityXX
Table Management
Create roomsX
Add tables, and other objectsX
Check in guest to open tables, define party sizeX
Merge tables, move tableX
View available tablesX
Start order by tapping on tableX
Time clock
Clock in/out with PINXXXX
Clock in/out with PasswordXXXX
Clock in today and clock out tomorrow (handle day change)XXXX
Set, change Pin codeXXXX
Book single or standing or linked appointmentsX
Block timeX
Day viewX
Week viewX
Resource viewX
Search, create customerX
Resize appointment cellX
View appointments by departmentX
View appointments by employeeX
View appointments by working employeesX
Download future appointmentsX
Transfer appointment from one employee to otherX
Works offline*XXXX
Inventory App
Search all locations by SKU or Product codeXX
Reconcile inventoryXX
Receive inventoryXX
Support RFIDXX
Walk-in App
Check-in by customerXX
Create profileXX
Customer Display
View itemsXXXX
Create customer profileXXXX
View reward amountXXXX
Choose receipt optionXXXX
Kitchen Display
View ordersXX
Complete orderXX
Self checkout
View catalogXXX
View itemsXXX
Support account, market cardXXX
Support cash using bill acceptorXXX
Support coin dispensingXXX
Support credit cardXXX
Fraud prevention by activating colored border for camera detectionXXX
Support barcode scanningXXX
Sales report – 24 reportsXXXX
Product report -18 reportsXXXX
Common report – 3 reportXXXX
Customer report – 12 reportsXXXX
Employee – 7 reportsXXXX

*Credit card payment requires internet