Why use the old ways, when you can use smarter ways!

Old ways Kiosk

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Whether you are a franchisor or a franchisee, Kiosk POS is a revolutionary software.

iConnect offers advanced POS system with patented technology that is compatible with mobile and cloud technologies.

iConnect Kiosk POS is available to businesses around the world who wish to operate more efficiently and empower themselves to sell more.

Kiosk POS is ready for enterprise level.

With Cloud Kiosk POS, you can indulge customers with total control and offer a more enjoyable experience.

The entrepreneur, benefits, as this speeds up lines and cuts down on staff costs with an automated, intuitive kiosk system. This will also help the business maintain all data through the intuitive back office system to stay on top of all your location.

iConnect Kiosk POS is customer-facing and allows customers to use self-checkout functionality. Since the kiosk connects to your iConnect account, you can manage and edit inventory and prices from any device. This will help in increased customer satisfaction with a smooth and interactive checkout experience.

Another advantage of iConnect Kiosk POS is that your staff members will be freed for other tasks to keep your business running efficiently.

Self Check out Kiosk POS

With Kiosk POS software real customer interaction is possible as this gives your customers the opportunity to explore your product line at their own pace on a familiar touchscreen kiosk device.

Another feature of search functionality makes it easier for customers to look up for specific products in the inventory.

This Kiosk POS can also be used in mobile devices for better customer engagement.

Kiosk POS software helps in increasing speed and reducing Self Check out Kiosk POScosts.

This also helps, in reducing customer brimming at the cash register. This is an automated self-serve checkout rather than a cashier.

Customers can pay using a variety of payment methods or sign up for an iConnect account with your business and add credit to their account.

Self-checkout kiosks look cleaner and more open than traditional cashier lines. Be a leader in providing a 21st-century customer experience by embracing technology that makes running your business easier.

Your customers will enjoy the ease of self-checkout and a consistent experience each time they visit your business.

These kiosks are automated and have lower costs. Quick sales are possible because it offers promotions and specials.

KIOSK POS is a wonderful app with a major overhaul. It is very easy to use with endless features.

Why use the same old ways, when you can use the smarter ways!

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