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Turn your iPad into a mobile Point of Sale system and process credit cards today. Make sales, add customers, manage employees, track inventory, book appointments, and run your business like never before. The time is now to go mobile with an iPad Point of Sale App for your business. Customers are demanding it now more than ever.


Empowering you to sell more.

Getting paid should be at the core of your iPad POS system. The iConnect iPad Point of Sale App makes processing payment quick and easy. Designed to be equal parts efficient and beautiful, the Register app features an intuitive and friendly design. From the register, you can add products and services to a ticket, apply tips and discounts, choose a salesperson and customer, and receive payment in seconds. You also have the option to take digital signatures with iConnect credit card processing and offer your customers the choice of a printed or emailed receipt right from your iPad.


The Customer is always right.

Customers are the lifeblood of your business. With iConnect iPad POS App, you don’t need a separate customer relationship management (CRM) system to complicate things. All of your customers are stored in a database within your iConnect account. Once a customer is added to your account, you can make sales, book appointments, and even sync their information with Mailchimp for simple email marketing. All this in a mobile iPad POS System

Keep track of all your customers with an unlimited database

Add photos to customers to personalize the experiance


Your team is going to love this.

Technology is supposed to increase your employees’ productivity, right? Then why are so many POS systems so difficult to use? Your employees will learn how to use iConnect with minimal interaction or training by you. Every detail of the iPad Point of Sale app has been thought out to increase user-friendliness and decrease confusion. Every employee receives their own login email and password, allowing them to clock in and out, make sales, and much more.

Limit employee access and functionality to sales person, owner, both, or neither


Search through past sales instantly.

iConnect syncs all of your sales to the cloud and also maintains a local database of tickets on the iPad POS. This means that you have quick access to any past sales records, allowing you to search for a ticket to verify information, settle a dispute, reprint or email a receipt, or process a refund right from your iPad. We believe that paper records are a thing of the past, but if you do need to print a hard copy of any tickets, you can always export a custom list from our web POS app to a simple excel spreadsheet.

Browse through all past tickets, filter by sales or returns, and search through all your records in seconds.


Keep accurate counts in real time.

You can’t make money unless you have something to sell. Keeping track of a large inventory of products and services is one of the most difficult aspects of running a business. With iConnect’s iPad POS inventory App features, your inventory will stay organized and up to date with real-time tracking as you sell. You can also receive new product shipments directly from the iPad with receive and reconcile functionality.


Never miss another appointment.

We know the service industry. We know that keeping your appointments organized is crucial to keeping your customers happy and building a successful business. iConnect's iPad POS App gives you the tools you need to make sure you, your staff, and your customers are all on the same page. With features like waiting list, quick rebook, and appointment reminders, you’ll watch your client acquisition and retention increase like never before.


View important sales data at a glance.

The iConnect iPad POS dashboard gives you a quick overview of your sales for the day, year, month, and all time. Stay on top of your business in real time, and if you need more extensive data, you can always login to the web interface for dozens of reports.

The iPad POS dashboard gives you a visual breakdown of your sales and client data.


Customize settings for your business.

The iConnect iPad POS App can be as robust or simple as you need it to be. With several settings options that can be altered, iConnect's iPad POS is designed to be a perfect fit for businesses in all kinds of industry verticals.

Access all of your account settings from a single screen.

Turn on what you need and turn off what you don’t.


Communicate instantly with your team.

Communication is important no matter how big or small your business is. Consolidate communication with your team through iConnect’s iPad POS' built in messaging system. Owners and managers can create an unlimited number of topics and messages, while employees can leave comments to create an engaging and productive conversation right through your point of sale system.

Leave daily messages that your employees can comment on directly through the app.


Learning a new system has never been easier.

The days of paying for expensive technical courses and training are over. Visit the help app within iConnect to view tutorial videos that will train you on every aspect of the system. Avoid the headaches associated with bringing new employees up to speed with your iPad POS system by allowing them to watch a set of videos that amount to less than an hour of training.

Watch Youtube help videos to quickly learn about the system without ever leaving the app.