How Kiosk POS will revolutionize your business!


Here at iConnect, the debut of the Kiosk POS system has been causing a lot of buzz! We believe Kiosk point of sale is the way of the future.

What exactly is a Kiosk point of sale? We’re glad you asked.

Kiosk POS Point of Sale system

Kiosk Point of Sale is a customer-facing self-checkout application for mobile devices and tablets. Kiosk POS is fully automated and extremely convenient. This solution allows the customer to complete the checkout process in its entirety. Customers will be able to browse your product line, scan their items, apply coupons, and make payments. Kiosk POS is a way to bring your business up to speed with the latest technology. Offer promotions directly to your customer with the robust Kiosk application. Customers will love this simple, fast checkout experience. Kiosk POS is ideal for any booth or business that has customers who are always on the go!

The familiar feel of the touch screen, combined with a seamless user interface will make the checkout process a breeze. Kiosk POS is a very economical solution to cut down on labor costs and increase the overall efficiency of your business. You no longer need to have a cashier attending the register. Kiosk POS allows for you to cost-efficiently operate a business 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Making payments with the Kiosk feature is quick and easy. Kiosk POS can accept gift cards, coupons, Google Wallet, Apple Pay and more.

The application is equipped with many integrated features to help make managing your business a breeze. Most importantly, iConnect’s system is cloud-based, so your data is always secure. Our analytics features allow you to easily monitor the performance of your Kiosk business. With our inventory management feature, you will always stay on top of which products you are selling the most of, and which products are staying on the shelves.

So now for the big questions.

Is Kiosk POS right for my business?


How will Kiosk POS affect my customer satisfaction?


How will Kiosk POS revolutionize the daily operations of my business?

Kiosk POS is perfect for any booth or business that wants to increase efficiency, speed and cut labor costs. Kiosk POS is perfect for booths in airports or bus terminals that have customers 24 hours a day. Kiosk POS is also great for quick service restaurants. If your business is able to use a self-checkout application, you should be! In a competitive marketplace, Kiosk POS will make your business more competitive and tech-saavy. Kiosk POS cuts down on long lines, and our intuitive interface makes the checkout process headache free. Thus, increases your overall customer satisfaction and likelihood that these customers return to your business. Kiosk POS will also overhaul the way you run your business. Our robust application will make your daily tasks simpler with the built-in business management applications. Contact iConnect today to further discuss or view a demo of the Kiosk application. We look forward to hearing from you.

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