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What to do if business is declining?

Decline of business and use POS

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The first thing you do after noticing ebb in your business is panic!

And in all that frustration, you end you making unwanted expenditure on advertisement and marketing. Isn’t that true?

Trying to check all the possible options to regain the equilibrium and seeking advice from an old friend?


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Have you realized, the success of a business is not dependent on the amount of money you spend on advertisement and how far you can compete for the customer attention?

In this impulse buying generation, business is much more beyond marketing.

Investing in the right technology and having trained staff plays a vital role in the growth of the business.

More pressure is on having an updated yet simple technology which is accessible to your employees.

If you are still living in the era where you have to maintain an excel data for your inventories, reach out to your files to figure out your loyalty customers, then high time you switch your point of sales system.

By investing in an upgraded version of technology does not mean you spend more and keep yourself in the blur vision of the profitable business.


iConnect offers a point of sales system which is easy, affordable and robust to compete this impulsive buying generation.


I understand your worries about finding the right POS system. Every business is unique in itself and it is a task to find a system that is perfect for your business.

If you are a franchisor, you might be looking for something that keeps a tab on all your locations and help you manage your multi-unit franchise remotely.

With iConnect POS, your worries are restricted to sales and rest all is covered by the robust technology.

It is flexible and is accompanied with a lot of built-in features like inventory management, gift card loyalty program, business intelligence, employee management and much more.

For franchisors, iConnect offers Refresh program which provides easy data mining with monthly software upgrades and a hardware upgrade every 4 years with 0% APR.

Now, you can take a vacation whenever you want and run your business with iConnect.

The Pulse app provides you all sales and business related reports on your cellular device.

It is convenient and flexible.


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iConnect POS is Growing.

A growing plant

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We are excited to announce iConnect POS is growing.

Change is the only thing constant in life, as quoted by Heraclitus we believe in change too. At iConnect POS, our mission is to provide the best commerce platform and service to multi-unit businesses.

We are a team of ninjas

We are ready for challenges and to take a leap forward. New company location, new launches, many more features, we have it all new for you. Our clients love us, hence we decided to move closer to them.

iConnect POS is now a part of mesmerizing Silicon Valley, California.

Like everyone, we couldn’t resist that enthusiastic and motivating work culture of California either. Yes, not to forget, palm trees and sunshine.

Not only the new work location, we have the exciting app launch on our way.

iConnect PULSE

IConnect Pulse

Pulse app allows you to view sales made in your iConnect POS system. Clients will now have access to heat maps, schedule, sales by location etc. all on just one application. It has an amazing feature of notifying your business’s slow selling and fast selling products.

IConnect pulse

iConnect PULSE is now available for download on App Store and Google Play.

Aren’t you wondering now, that, the change is good?

Well, wait for more.

Running a business is a challenging task, and we realize the need of constant dedication and teamwork, well, all of this does not enhance the business growth until you have a right set of technology and iConnect POS is constantly striving to make your life better.

Many new features are added up to the library. We have discount analysis report now available to our clients. Thus making business more convenient.

At iConnect POS, we believe in simplicity. Thus we have a new set of features lined up to help you grow your business. The new category feature for the cost of goods sold and improvements on report generation speed is every businessman’s sigh of relief.

We are ready to take charge and help you and your business in any shape and form possible.

What is your opinion on the above changes? We would love your feedback.


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