How To Set Up Early Preparations For The Next Holiday Event

The 2017 calendar year has just started but it’s not too early to start prepping your business for the next upcoming holiday. There’s many opportunities that companies fail to see early on due to constraints in ideas, marketing, and budget. Here’s a quick guide on how you can fix that issue and get your business ready ahead of time.

Recognize which holiday you can revolve your business around

Whether your business is old or new, you provide a product and/or item that can be marketed around a certain holiday, especially the holidays towards the end of the year. Floral businesses flourish during holidays such as Valentines Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and etc. Toy stores gain a lot of business during holidays such as Christmas and Black Friday. But what about retailers with specialty items such as razors or miscellaneous gadgets? Well, there’s an answer for that.

If your business, say for instance, sells razors, you can market that around multiple holidays and launch creative campaigns. You just have to put a twist on it.

Example: Is your man too scruffy to kiss around the holidays? Well, we got the perfect solution for that at “Blank” store located at “Blank.”

These types of campaigns are so easy to launch now on social media. You can hyper target your audience to get the most effective penny out of the dollar on platforms such as Facebook. Also, you can subconsciously expose your audience towards your product and item by branding the holiday theme around promoting the specified product at your place of business.

Also, talk to your customers about the upcoming holiday. Many customers forget and with a simple reminder, you can raise awareness to that special day. And as mentioned previously, the holiday doesn’t need to be as big as Christmas. Below is the full list of federally recognized holidays in order:

2017 Federal Holidays
  • New Year’s Day
    January 2*
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
    January 16
  • George Washington’s Birthday
    February 20*
  • Memorial Day
    May 29
  • Independence Day
    July 4
  • Labor Day
    September 4
  • Columbus Day
    October 9
  • Veterans Day
    November 10*
  • Thanksgiving Day
    November 23
  • Christmas Day
    December 25

And these are only the Federally recognized holidays. It doesn’t include the socially accepted holidays such as Valentines Day. There’s days out there revolving around religion, different countries, and even food. There’s actually a national burger day here in America which is May 28th! So essentially, all you have to do is research the day and find the one that fits your business. Then build a creative campaign around the products you’d like to push.

Choose the right products to build the holiday around

There are products out there that wont go too well with certain holidays. For instance, don’t try to sell a meat dish during World Vegan Day (maybe it’ll work as an anti-vegan movement for those meat lovers). If you do, be prepared to feel some backlash from the vegan community. Don’t be insensitive during religious holidays or an awareness month like October which promotes the fight against breast cancer. That’s bad practice and can definitely lose customers. Revolve your business planning ideas around things that make sense.

Overall, owners and retailers can make all the excuses in the world to not promote their products and business. But with some creativity and ingenuity, marketing your products ahead of a certain holiday will definitely help grow your business. Pre-plan and execute this year!

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How To Improve Your Business With A Smart Retail POS System For Your Business

Through many circumstances, POS systems can be brushed under the rug as a “non-important” factor to a business. Many believe that point of sale systems are simply a solution to create transactions. But that is not the case. In today’s society, data has become a big denominator in improving efficiency when it comes to business. Retail POS solutions such as iConnect have created internal infrastructures that create smart analytics and data that can help improve sales.

With iConnect’s retail POS solution, you can log in to the back end of the system and find valuable information to your business that you might’ve never seen before. Different reports will provide you with information such as the hottest selling items during a certain time period or when some products aren’t moving as quickly as you wish.


Reports, Sales Management, Back office management Point of Sale POS system

There are other reports that take inventory into consideration such as when to re-order products or data that helps you identify which products need to be moved around in the store to help sell more. In today’s retailing world, your business must become smarter and more efficient. Items need to be changed around and problems must be identified in order for your business to sell more.

iConnect also provides retail businesses an outlet to become mobile. With the state of the art POS solution you can check your business on the go. iConnect has a highly functioning Cloud based system that allows your business to be accessed 24/7 from anywhere in the world (as long as you have internet connection). This way, when you are on travel or at home, you can log in to your business and see how it’s performing on a day-to-day basis.


Another amazing thing about iConnect’s retail POS solution is the fact that it makes things a lot more easier. When it comes to ringing up your customers, the POS system scans and recognizes every product to where things are easily recognizable. The icons on the screen allow your employees to easily recognize particular items and help identify it for accuracy. Humans make errors from time-to-time and this allows your employees to double check for accuracy. Also, you are able to instantly access a sale remotely after syncing the system.

Today’s retail POS systems aren’t just a simple transaction machine. It’s actually more. It provides you with smart data and access listed above that can help improve efficiency and sales at your store. Many franchise and corporate businesses have been turning to iConnect for this reason. At technology improves, so do POS companies such as iConnect. Find out more on how iConnect can help improve your retail business today.

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The Best Franchise POS System In 2017

Next year in 2017 we’ll be seeing a lot of changes to the POS industry. One thing to keep in mind is the growth of the Cloud platform and the advancements in technology. We’ve constantly been seeing growth in the market for point of sale but next year will be far more advanced than any of the previous years.

iConnect has developed many ways to fulfill franchise retail business and corporation needs with the plethora of features available today. But next year, iConnect strives to do something never seen before in the point of sale industry. It’ll be able to truly connect businesses with a powerful BI (business intelligence) reporting system that’ll create tremendous impact in sales. Numbers and data are the leading factors in today’s society to improve efficiency. iConnect understands this issue and will truly be able to empower businesses to sell more with smart analytics to the hottest products and services.

iConnect will also be rolling out a restaurant app that makes life easier for the dining industry. Eateries will have access to a smart functional system that can help coordinate sitting and dining experiences for your workers and customers alike. We’ve seen the pain points of F&B businesses and with this new application, restaurants will be armed with technology of tomorrow.

We hope you’ve had a successful year thus far and let’s have a better year in 2017! Happy Holidays from the iConnect family to yours.

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The World Of Modern POS In 2017

2016 has been a ground breaking year in the POS industry. The fin-tech world has taken strides to improve how we conduct business and handle encrypted transactions. Many improvements were required such as becoming EMV ready and encrypting our most used method of transactions (credit card). And while 2016 was a memorable year, 2017 looks to get even better. Here are the list of ways you’ll be seeing retailers, restaurants and service businesses shape shift in to the future.


Automation is big. Real big. If you haven’t noticed already, business owners are stuck in a place where state and federal wages are increasing dramatically. And to keep the cost of goods at a competitive level, many restaurants such as McDonald’s have been turning to a self-automated work force with alternatives such as self-checkout kiosks. While there is an upfront cost, these business owners now have a kiosk system that can fulfill the duties of handling orders and transactions without the worry of wage increases. And McDonald’s won’t be the only company turning to this new POS improvement. We are starting to notice these trends at sit down restaurants and retailers.

If you visit Red Robins and Chili’s, you’ll notice that there’s self-checkout kiosks at every table and booth. This allows for people to order and pay for meals right at the table without the need of waiters and waitresses. While they do still employee traditional blue collar workers, Chili’s and Red Robins have implemented a method where they can start transitioning out unneeded help if required.

The eCommerce Boom

This Black Friday, sales hit $3 billion dollars online. That was a 300% increase through online shopping from the previous year. eCommerce has become the destination for virtual shoppers to purchase goods and products from the comfort of their homes. And while store fronts are still the mainstream way of shopping, the eCommerce platform isn’t too far behind. Companies like Amazon has pushed the virtual shopping frontier to the point that Wal-Mart now has to compete with the online giant through their eCommerce platform. They’ve shut down hundreds of store front locations around the U.S. and are gearing up to take their business online.

We’re also seeing many creative entrepreneurs start their business through an online shopping platform. eCommerce has a lot less upfront costs and can still create a way of attraction to their goods through the power of online advertising and social media.

The Cloud POS Frontier

The most impactful difference that 2017 business owners will see is the main stream transition to the cloud. The majority of business owners who use POS are still running on legacy systems. Their use of stand-alone systems makes them vulnerable to data wipes and system hacks. So, many corporations and business owners are turning to the convenient use of encrypted Cloud technology which will provide them with continuous back-up to their critical sales and product data.

This newer technology also allows them to pull reports on the go. Businesses can be analyzed on the fly and won’t require someone to be present at the physical store front location. Cloud POS technology provides convenience, efficiency and greater time savings. If you’re a business owner wanting to make change for 2017, reach out us. Let us help you make the right decisions to improve your business with any of these listed technologies.

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How Franchise Businesses Win with iConnect & our Revamped Website

Welcome to the new revamped iConnect website. We believe the new web design will help you navigate the important information for your business. Please note our new features. With our new update, we are now providing a Kiosk POS system (check it out here). Kiosk POS is a customer-facing self-checkout feature. Kiosk POS seamlessly allows for the customer to browse through your inventory, scan items, and process payments. Speed up lines and increase your customer satisfaction with this awesome new feature! We also have added new features for franchise businesses to succeed.

If you have any questions about the capabilities of our POS system or any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us! You can find our phone number at the top of our website. You can also start a live chat with our team. Also, to keep updated on all things iConnect, follow us on social media (Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook) as we continue to post about our field and our business. We want the revamped site to reflect some of our goals for the future.

Without further ado,
How Franchise Businesses Succeed With iConnect POS

Grow your franchise business

iConnect is now focused more than ever to help empower franchises and corporate businesses with the #1 rated franchise POS system. We understand the needs of multi-location and franchises business and we’re here to accommodate and grow with them as best as possible.

Features Multi-Location Businesses will Love

We want business owners to have the confidence to grow with iConnect to expand their business knowing how easy it is to replicate your iConnect account for use at another location. Whether you’re interested in a tablet, self-checkout/kiosk, cash register or eCommerce platform for your point of sale system, iConnect will exceed your expectations. With a centralized administrative account, you will never lose track of data from any store location. Our analytic reports will even compile that data into a succinct chart or graphic so that you can always monitor your businesses performance (be it at a single store, regionally or corporately.) Our inventory management feature will ensure that you always are on top of exactly what is in and out of stock. Work smart, not hard. iConnect’s application is the best way for multi-location businesses to plan for the future. By making day-to-day tasks simpler and faster, we will free up time for you and your team to focus on the growth of your business and boosting profitability. iConnect software is technology that continuously updates, so multi-location businesses can count on us to be the cutting edge of point of sale systems.

The Most Secure POS Platform Yet

Our cloud-based point of sale system is backed on a Microsoft infrastructure, so there is no need to worry about whether or not your data is secure. Ditch the clunky, outdated servers you have to maintain; switch to the cloud. Our world class help desk is always ready to support your business, no matter how many locations you have. If you have a multi-location business and are in the market for a point of sale system, contact us today to discuss how your business will win with iConnect point of sale.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post! We look forward to hearing from you.


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