The Valentine’s Day Business

Valentine’s Day is finally upon us! Hopefully everyone’s business has geared up for this love filled day. iConnect has many features that makes businesses run a lot more efficient on busy days such as today. One way that we make things a little smoother for business owners is through our point of sale system. With our technology, you’ll have the right tools to enhance marketing, keep accurate counts of inventory, time-clock management system, end-of-day business reports, and many more.

On top of our highest rated POS systems, we have the hardware to go along with that. iConnect iCR register system provides the sleek looks to go along with your business. Our devices were engineered to take up little space and function in various settings. iConnect currently empowers businesses in many verticals such as retail, food, salons, and many more. If your business requires a self-checkout kiosk, iConnect can provide that system for you as well.

We’ve recently covered the basic tips on how to set your business up for success during Valentine’s Day. With our modern tools, you’ll have the power to generate more business during the other busy days during the year. Be sure to talk to one of our experts and find out if your business is ready to take the next step with iConnect.

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Interacting With Your Community

A community is the life support for local businesses. They buy, interact, and market your business on a daily basis. And to keep your business going you must be able to provide them with the essential points of growth. Here’s an impactful plan that can help your business keep a good reputation in the local community.

Being friendly

Let your community and local customers know that your business is a place that provides great customer service and friendliness. This is a paramount point to make to the people shopping at your store. Statistically speaking, a dissatisfied customer is three times more likely to tell friends about their negative experience. It takes 12 positive experiences just to make up for that one dissatisfied customer. On top of that, 80% of people will not buy from a business with negative reviews. Overall, unhappy customers add up to $537 billion in losses every year.

However, happy customers contribute 14 times more revenue than a “mixed feeling” customer. With great customer service, you’ll see happily satisfied customers contribute 2.6 times more revenue than a normal customer.


You want to do whatever is in your power to retain your currently satisfied customers. It statistically costs 6-7 times more to acquire new customers that’ll be satisfied of your business. There was a funny story reported about a guitarist named David Caroll who was flying with United Airlines. During the unloading process an employee tossed his guitar on to the tarmac which resulted in his $3,500 guitar breaking. United Airlines refused to pay for repairs so David Caroll wrote a song about his dissatisfaction with the company titled “United Breaks Guitars.” The music video got 14 million views in a short span of time which resulted in its stock falling 10%, the equivalent to $180 million dollars. While this is an unusual case, it did happen. If you have to, make sure that your customer receives a good experience at your place of business.

Ask questions

Make sure that you ask your customers about their shopping experience. This is critical in the education process and also gauging their level of satisfaction. If the customers feel as though that they aren’t being treated “well,” make sure they get the proper attention and service. Also, understand their shopping habits. If a customers comes in frequently, shopping for the same product/good, make sure that it’s kept in stock. When customers find that you are missing a certain item, this can lead them to venture elsewhere and become a loss for your business.

With these tips, you’ll have a good starting point for your business to hold support in your local community. Remember to keep your customers happy and provide them with the best customer service possible.

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Here Are Some Of The Latest Retail Businesses That’ll be Opening Across the U.S. in 2017

2017 is the year many experts in the retail industry believe will see some dynamic changes. There are always new retail concepts popping up and below are some of the latest trending stores to open in the U.S.


muji retail store

MUJI is a minimalistic retail business that sells the concept of self advertisement through customers’ word of mouth. Founded in Toshima, Tokyo, Japan, the company believes in quality of products and clean living. The name MUJI derives from the word Mujirushi Ryohin which means “No Brand, Quality Goods.” The company’s products have zero MUJI labels or logos on their products and focuses on delivering a “Good enough Living” lifestyle concept.

While the business isn’t yet popular in the U.S., they are starting to break ground and eyeing locations to open their new stores. Their most recent location was opened in Boston on Newbury Street.


lidl grocery retail store

A retail grocery supermarket called Lidl is making its way to the U.S. with the similar mindset of Ikea, they look to deliver the ideal products and groceries to consumers across the nation. Lidl is famous across Europe with 10’s of thousands of locations.

The company originates from Germany where they developed the concept of quality goods at competitive prices. While the bargain grocery shopping idea isn’t all that new, they look to include unique experiences with many brand names at their stores. Lidl looks to open their first store in the U.S. no later than 2018.


shinola retail store

A company called Shinola is starting to make a splash in 2017 by offering consumers a retail space where they can purchase high-quality watches, bicycles, and leather goods. The company was founded in 2011 in the heart of Detroit and have expanded to the major cities such as New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

Not only that but Shinola will be launching their own hotel in 2018 where they take into account their signature quality experience. Shinola looks to expand further in 2017 in United States and Europe with this modern upscale idea for people looking to buy quality products.

While there are a lot more retail companies to rise in 2017, these are a few that’ll make an impact in local communities around the nation.

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How To Increase Foot Traffic To Your Business

A lot of entrepreneurs have a hard time grasping why their business isn’t seeing much foot traffic come through their stores. It isn’t magic. It isn’t some hocus pocus. It’s actual work to get people to come through your business. Here’s how you can increase foot traffic.

Social media presence

You want to create an influx in foot traffic to your business. What do you have at your disposal to instantly create awareness about what your store? It’s social media. With platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat you can reach a wide audience in a short duration of time. By using their business backend platform you can schedule events, promote posts, and strategize campaigns to reach a large audience base. The concept and idea is quite simple but manually configuring everything can be quite time-consuming.

Say for instance that your business serves ice cream. Well, you can geo-target your audience base and make sure that people who are interested in ice cream can see your advertisement on the three social media platforms listed. Snapchat even gives you an option to create a cool filter in a geo-targeted area. So if someone was to come into proximity of your store and was on Snapchat, they can use that filter to snap a picture and video to their friends. This creates awareness and almost works as a word of mouth tool.


Another amazing way to increase traffic to a store-front location is to hold special events. It can range anywhere from Barbeques, slip n’ slides, educational sessions, to even having someone famous come through your store. You want to make sure that people are aware that your business is throwing an elaborate event and that they are welcome to join. From there, the goal will be to convert those visitors into loyal customers.


Have giveaways. This is a big deal. If you want to attract new customers, you need to create an incentive for them. And it has to be a rocking deal that’s relatable for your business.

For example:

You own a restaurant. You are seeing a lack of customers. You want to increase your customer base. Put together an awesome giveaway such as free burgers for a year (It must be huge like this). Then you advertise this on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Most of our partners have been seeing a lot of success using this method. You can too. If you want to see growth in foot-traffic towards your business, you must take actions such as these.

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How To Set Your Business Up For Success During Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us where couples rejoice in their affection for one another. But there are also individuals that celebrate Valentine’s Day for being single. A lot of businesses cater specifically for couples, yet forget that there are many people out there who just want to enjoy the day for what it is. So today, we come to you with some direction on how to set your business up for success during this upcoming Valentine’s Day for 2017.

Remember to think about your loyal customers

Valentine’s Day can be played out in the general sense that it’s an occasion for love. What if we were to embrace our customers and thank them for shopping at our store? Provide your loyal customers with little giveaway such as candy, notes, coupons, gift cards, or anything else that customers will enjoy receiving. It can’t be said enough how important customer loyalty is. A brand is only as strong as its loyal customers.

Every industry must cater in a different facet. If you own a retail store, make sure to thank your customers with something they’d enjoy. Don’t provide them with irrelevant gifts (meaning something that they wouldn’t use or like). If you operate a service based business, make sure that your customers are being thanked with coupons and gift cards to your service. Treat your customers with care.

Create a special environment

Decorate the heck out of your store. Whether you put up hearts, cupids, or color bomb your store, make sure people understand that you support Valentine’s Day. And make sure that the decorations are done as soon as possible. Don’t wait until the last second to set everything up. Make sure the decorations are set prior to Valentine’s Day to raise awareness and increase sales to catered items.

Have products, services, and gifts available for Valentines Day

Make sure your products are directed towards the specific holiday. Develop a marketing strategy around products you want to promote on the special day. If you are selling products such as food, make sure to iterate its importance for Valentine’s Day. Say for instance that you were selling beef jerky. Reaffirm customers that it’ll be a great gift for men and women who enjoy premium jerky. Let them know that it’s a quirky gift that’s sure to bring some laughs and memories, along with good taste.

If you are promoting massages, pedicure, or some sort of service, make sure to iterate to customers that it’s a great couple’s gift. Both partners will be receiving a great time on this wonderful romantic occasion. Make sure to show them great quality service.

And as previously mentioned, there are going to be a lot of single people. You can cater to those people by making creative marketing campaigns to capture that specific demographic. Example, “Single on Valentine’s Day? Make sure to stop by our store as we are geared to celebrate those of us that are single!”

Gear your business up for February 14th, the day of love; Valentine’s Day. Make it one of the best days for your business!

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Here Are The Reasons Why Franchise Companies Are Turning To iConnect POS

iConnect has been seeing tremendous amounts of inquiries in regards to the franchise POS system for multi-location businesses. The company offers many features and flexibility when it comes to point of sale. Here are some of the reasons why companies are turning to iConnect’s robust system.

The value

iConnect POS was designed to deliver a quality experience for businesses. The companies’ value relies on strength in partnership and the belief in growth of franchise businesses. It is iConnect’s duty to arm companies with the best point of sale system that can help better serve franchises. The value and importance relies on experience and delivering the important data in an easily readable manner. And with that integrity, many franchise and multi-location companies have been turning to this specific point of sale system.

The program

When it comes to business, iConnect doesn’t want companies deterred by costs of hardware and software. Recently the company has announced the launch of a new initiative called the “Franchise Upgrade Program.” This new endeavor by iConnect allows businesses to trade in their old systems for the modern hardware and software. iConnect offers some of the latest features that take franchises to the modern platform for data and analytics, along with business intelligence.

The technology

The last point leads to the amazing topic of technology. iConnect has built an amazing end-to-end layout for franchises to easily navigate. The front end displays a beautiful register system where employees can easily identify an item with pictured icons and a navigation bar. The software for the POS system was built for minimal errors and mistakes for clerks and cashiers. The back end office is comprised of everything including access permissions, daily reports, scheduling, employee management, booking, import and export of SKUs, data analytics, matrix system, and a lot more.

If your company was ever interested in upgrading the POS platform, the time would be now with iConnect point of sale.

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What You Need To Know If You’re Starting A Franchise

Franchising your business can be a difficult journey. On the exterior, you see many successful and accomplished companies such as McDonald’s, Subway, Chipotle, and etc. But in reality, more franchise businesses have failed versus succeeding. SMBs (small to mid-size businesses) will have growing pains on the on this particular journey of franchising. We’ve seen it first hand with major franchises and would like to offer up advice for those individuals on this path.

Recognizing Your Market

In any major market, you’ll have some strong competition. Whether you’re in the food industry, retail, or some sort of service niche, there’ll be someone with similar ideas. And this is what some of our SMB customers have noticed. There’ll have to be multiple factors to separate your business from the competition.

Critical Branding Methods

  • offer them special deals,
  • have a unique product
  • Unique service

By offering these things to your customers, your competition won’t be able to easily copy your brand of business.


Location will be another critical point for success. You must have knowledge of where your business model will succeed. For instance, you can’t have a surf rental shop outside of coastal areas. That just doesn’t make sense. You can’t be selling winter apparel in warm weathered areas, which is another given. The hard part will come down to how your customer base reacts to your products in locations that you believe will succeed.

Common businesses such as burger shops and common food restaurants will be up for a big challenge. With so many well established franchises and businesses in the food space, it’ll take tremendous work for your growing business to stand out. Franchising calls for your business to be highly desired and deliver a quality experience. And on top of that, you must have demand outside of your territory for this certain vertical. If you and your business are up for a challenge, then you must establish your brand to be highly desired. A quality example of this would be franchises such as Chick-Fil-A and In-N-Out.

Make sure that your business is well established in the community before trying to take the franchise route.

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How To Set Up Early Preparations For The Next Holiday Event

The 2017 calendar year has just started but it’s not too early to start prepping your business for the next upcoming holiday. There’s many opportunities that companies fail to see early on due to constraints in ideas, marketing, and budget. Here’s a quick guide on how you can fix that issue and get your business ready ahead of time.

Recognize which holiday you can revolve your business around

Whether your business is old or new, you provide a product and/or item that can be marketed around a certain holiday, especially the holidays towards the end of the year. Floral businesses flourish during holidays such as Valentines Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and etc. Toy stores gain a lot of business during holidays such as Christmas and Black Friday. But what about retailers with specialty items such as razors or miscellaneous gadgets? Well, there’s an answer for that.

If your business, say for instance, sells razors, you can market that around multiple holidays and launch creative campaigns. You just have to put a twist on it.

Example: Is your man too scruffy to kiss around the holidays? Well, we got the perfect solution for that at “Blank” store located at “Blank.”

These types of campaigns are so easy to launch now on social media. You can hyper target your audience to get the most effective penny out of the dollar on platforms such as Facebook. Also, you can subconsciously expose your audience towards your product and item by branding the holiday theme around promoting the specified product at your place of business.

Also, talk to your customers about the upcoming holiday. Many customers forget and with a simple reminder, you can raise awareness to that special day. And as mentioned previously, the holiday doesn’t need to be as big as Christmas. Below is the full list of federally recognized holidays in order:

2017 Federal Holidays
  • New Year’s Day
    January 2*
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
    January 16
  • George Washington’s Birthday
    February 20*
  • Memorial Day
    May 29
  • Independence Day
    July 4
  • Labor Day
    September 4
  • Columbus Day
    October 9
  • Veterans Day
    November 10*
  • Thanksgiving Day
    November 23
  • Christmas Day
    December 25

And these are only the Federally recognized holidays. It doesn’t include the socially accepted holidays such as Valentines Day. There’s days out there revolving around religion, different countries, and even food. There’s actually a national burger day here in America which is May 28th! So essentially, all you have to do is research the day and find the one that fits your business. Then build a creative campaign around the products you’d like to push.

Choose the right products to build the holiday around

There are products out there that wont go too well with certain holidays. For instance, don’t try to sell a meat dish during World Vegan Day (maybe it’ll work as an anti-vegan movement for those meat lovers). If you do, be prepared to feel some backlash from the vegan community. Don’t be insensitive during religious holidays or an awareness month like October which promotes the fight against breast cancer. That’s bad practice and can definitely lose customers. Revolve your business planning ideas around things that make sense.

Overall, owners and retailers can make all the excuses in the world to not promote their products and business. But with some creativity and ingenuity, marketing your products ahead of a certain holiday will definitely help grow your business. Pre-plan and execute this year!

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