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We are into impulsive buying era.

shopping bags and money indicating impulsive buying

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Are you an impulsive shopper?

Take a minute, and think about how many products, items, and services you recently purchased which you no longer intend to use? I am sure there are many.

Mankind has entered an impulse buying generation. We want everything at one click, be it daily supplies, new commodities, services or be it as small as a cup of coffee; we want it all easy and quick. We demand more for valued discounts and coupons for our loyalty towards the brand.

My point here is to prove how important it is for a service provider to consider all these factors for their business development.

With the growing competition in the materialistic world, we need to make sure our marketing and sales are to the point. Be it a retail business, salons & spa or be it a coffee shop, trained staff, right ambiance for our clients and a secured reliable technology, we need it all.

When it comes to technology, it is really important to have a correct point of sales system and we need to consider various factors suitable best for our business. Each and every business is unique in its own way and when we are actually looking for options, we end up wishing for a customized version. We want something, which reduces our workload and manage our services and business.

The smart system provided by iConnect POS is something to look forward to. It is every business owner’s dream come true.

Their smart register understands the importance of impulse buying and the growth of competition. iConnect POS system provides features including customer management, royalty reporting, central management, gift cards, email, and text message marketing. These are just to name a few. iConnect have a wide range of customization options available and the products are highly secured.

So the next time you consider opening a new franchise or a business and you wish upon a perfect system to withstand this impulsive buying era, don’t let the pressure of managing your business worry you. At iConnect POS, they got you covered.

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The Best Franchise POS System In 2017

Next year in 2017 we’ll be seeing a lot of changes to the POS industry. One thing to keep in mind is the growth of the Cloud platform and the advancements in technology. We’ve constantly been seeing growth in the market for point of sale but next year will be far more advanced than any of the previous years.

iConnect has developed many ways to fulfill franchise retail business and corporation needs with the plethora of features available today. But next year, iConnect strives to do something never seen before in the point of sale industry. It’ll be able to truly connect businesses with a powerful BI (business intelligence) reporting system that’ll create tremendous impact in sales. Numbers and data are the leading factors in today’s society to improve efficiency. iConnect understands this issue and will truly be able to empower businesses to sell more with smart analytics to the hottest products and services.

iConnect will also be rolling out a restaurant app that makes life easier for the dining industry. Eateries will have access to a smart functional system that can help coordinate sitting and dining experiences for your workers and customers alike. We’ve seen the pain points of F&B businesses and with this new application, restaurants will be armed with technology of tomorrow.

We hope you’ve had a successful year thus far and let’s have a better year in 2017! Happy Holidays from the iConnect family to yours.

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How to create a NYFW inspired LookBook for your customers


Is NYFW 2016 getting you in the mood to talk about style? Us too..

Are you fully taking advantage of iConnect’s LookBook feature? Build stronger customer relationships and use the tools you are already equipped with to your professional advantage.

What is the LookBook?

The LookBook is the ability to add photos to each customer profile individually in your Back Office. The LookBook is especially beneficial to salons and retailers who prefer to get to know their customer’s personal style and preferences. Add photos to each customer profile documenting the before and after makeover looks, to show off just how much your talented stylists are able to improve their look! Keep the photos in the LookBook of iConnect’s Back Office under each respective customer profile. This way, when your customer returns to your retail store or salon, your stylist will know exactly what visuals are paired with your customer.

In the age of Pinterest, Instagram and many other sources of style inspiration, creative people are bombarded with visual inspiration for their work. Stylists should have the tools they need to harness their inspiration and run with it! Let’s say you’re a stylist and one of your regular customers was feeling like they wanted to try a new look but were unsure of where to begin. During your weekly trend research on Pinterest, you see a hairstyle or outfit that would be perfect for your client. Simply download the image and store it into the LookBook for your customer. This way, you can both discuss the look at their next appointment and reap the benefits of your thoughtfulness.

How do I use the lookbook?

Step One: Find Images

Take photos yourself or download photos to your device that you would like to add to your LookBook. To download the image: Right click and select Save image.

Step Two: Add the customer.

Make sure that the customer information has been added to your directory. If the customer is already an existing customer please skip to step three. Add the customer information to your customer list in the Back Office. Add their First name, last name, and phone number.

Step Three: Access the LookBook.

To use the LookBook – Navigate to the iConnect Back Office > Customers > Click the customer’s name > Use the “LookBook” tab (the 4th tab on the right) > Click the button +Add LookBook + Add… (Browse for the photo you have downloaded) > Save it. (Double check that you saved your image!)

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Visual Merchandising Guide- Fall 2016

Hey Retailers! Prep your store for Fall!

Now that September is here and fall is barreling at us, it’s time to reconsider your store’s visual merchandising. The right use of visual merchandising will make your customers feel comfortable and ready to shop! It’s important to carefully consider who your customers are, their values, and what makes them enjoy shopping with you. Play to your strong points. Consider music, organization of inventory, layout of furniture and displays, lighting, textures, and ambiance. We’ve developed some themes and ideas for retailers to stay on trend with their visual merchandising for this upcoming season.

Selecting a theme will make the processing of choosing décor so much simpler. Themes can revolve around color or events, or they can be related to other ideas. It’s very important to make sure that whichever theme you want to encompass in your visual merchandising, that the theme is consistent with your businesses’ brand and image.

fall visual merchandising


Color Palette for Visual Merchandising 

When considering reworking your décor to reflect a more “autumn” look, it’s important to stay true to your brand. Most retailers, especially if you’re in the fashion industry, should opt for a more fall color palette. In general, a fall color palette might consist of jewel tones, holiday colors, and a more rustic palette. If you have a few key items you want to use in a main display or even a window display – use those items as your color inspiration to avoid any conflicts of interest. Consider the following Pantone palette for Fall 2016:

fall color palette

Photo courtesy of  by Pantone. 

Fall Events

Holidays and special occasions drive sales. Be it, an upcoming Christmas party, Halloween, Election Day or Black Friday the fall season has many events that you should consider when planning for this season’s upcoming visual displays. If you’re anticipating a big sale for Black Friday, it’s a good idea to have your holiday décor on hand and ready to be displayed well in advance.

fall table display



Layout and Organization

When considering or reconsidering your store’s layout, it’s important to try to put yourself in the shoes of the consumer. Image viewing every aspect of your store, viewing your entrance and window display, navigating the aisles, changing in the dressing room or making a purchase at the point-of-sale. Make sure your entire store experience is consistent and neat. Keep merchandise organized as best as neatly as possible. We recommend color coating and sizing each item. Think outside of the box and try to incorporate your theme with your inventory displays -like in the example below. This creates a unique shopping experience. The rustic look of the baskets attached to the wooden pallets quaintly shows off the inventory. 

visual merchandising ideas

Photo courtesy of


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Style Guide -A Luxury Look on a Budget

“It's a new era in fashion - there are no rules. It's all about the individual and personal style, wearing high-end, low-end, classic labels, and up-and-coming designers all together.” - Alexander McQueen

As McQueen said, there are no rules. But how does one find the sweet spot – the balance of fashion and personal style- that will eloquently represent our persona and our goals without making us look out of place or cause our bank accounts to drain? How to develop a stylish professional and personal wardrobe without breaking the bank? We’ve developed a list of seven tips for dressing well on or off of a budget. Also, check out our Menswear or Womenswear Pinterest board for ideals on professional attire for your work day.

Perfect your Personal Style!


Develop a personal style.

What you choose to wear on a daily basis should reflect who you are and who you aspire to be. Represent yourself with confidence. Your personal style should include aspects of your background, your goals, and your personal preferences. When you are dressing for work, it is best to keep your style more professional and classic. However, that doesn’t mean professional style can’t be personal. Follow this guide to learn more about how to incorporate texture, color, and pattern to express a sense of personal style.

Olivia Palmero's Street Style


Cash in on “the unwearables.”

What percentage of your wardrobe is out of commission? Do you have a pair of too tight pants or garments that you just aren’t comfortable wearing? Consider reselling your unusable garments and reinvesting the money you make back into your wardrobe. Use apps like Poshmark, use Ebay or consignments stores like Buffalo Exchange to reap the benefits of unusable garments.

Fit is key.

When the clothes you wear fit like a charm – all the difference is made. When individuals wear clothes that fit properly, they will be more comfortable, more professional, and more confident. Consider finding a professional tailor to make any needed adjustments.

A Banana Republic ensemble, courtesy of


Blazer available here

Shirt available here

Sweater available here

Don’t be too trendy.

When it comes to trends, don’t overindulge. Following trends is great to give your look a quick update, but you’ll rarely find that trendy pieces will stay in your closet for very long. If you’re on a budget- opt for more expensive classic pieces over fleeting trends. When you decide you do want to indulge in a trendy piece, search for a look for less. That way you will avoid buyer’s remorse when that particular trend fades into the past.

Invest in the basics.

Invest in classic garments in neutral colors that you can depend on for years to come. Look for timeless pieces. If you could see a modern person and 1940’s movie star wearing the garment, it’s a good sign that it would be considered a classic. Aim for quality. Quality doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank, either. If you want the life of your closet to lengthen, opt for thicker materials and darker colors. For menswear- invest in a tailored white button-up, a set of dark denim jeans, crisp khakis, a black wool sweater, a leather wallet and a pair of sunglasses.
For women - a pair of comfortable dark jeans, black pumps, a professional white blouse, a LBD – “little black dress”, a pair of sunglasses, and a classic handbag. These classic pieces enrich your wardrobe as they can be easily paired with any number of combinations of items that are already in your closet.

Ralph Lauren Irina Dress 

*LOOK FOR LESS LBD - Available here*

Seek out advice.

Whether the advice comes from your trusted go-to sales associate, your mom, or your best friend; a honest second opinion is invaluable when making wardrobe decisions.


Find colors that work for you.

Consider organizing your closet by color. You will start to notice which color¬¬¬ sections of your closet you personally gravitate towards, and which colors you rarely actually wear. When you notice which colors you personally like more, it will be easier for you shop for garments that you prefer to wear on a daily basis. Don’t be afraid to incorporate color into your daily dress code. Many 9 to 5ers avoid color, but color choice is a great way to express your personal style. Utilize color psychology to make decisions about how you would like to present yourself. For example, opt for the color black to gain the illusion of power and formality. If you would like to be viewed as trustworthy and wise – wear the color blue. (Many politicians choose blue for this very reason).

Alexa Chung rocks a navy jumpsuit. 

*LOOK FOR LESS* Available here

Dress appropriately for the occasion.

Don’t let poor fashion decisions hold you back from advancing personally or professionally. While many modern stylists encourage others to break the rules of fashion protocol, for those of you who want to remain on the safe side of fashion decisions- it is advised to follow the dress code rules for the occasion. For example, the famous rule “never wear white to a wedding other than your own” is excellent to abide by to appease any bridezillas. In a business casual office, keep your appearance neat and polished. Save riskier fashion choices for the weekend.

Plan ahead.

When prepping your weekly wardrobe, try everything on ahead of time. Invest in a full-length mirror in a well-lit space. Take garments to the dry cleaners, if necessary. Planning your choices ahead of time will save you time in the morning and give you piece of mind that you’ll look great the entire week. Another benefit to planning ahead, is you will have more time to focus and realize which pieces in your closet are lacking in fit, style or quality. Keep a small garment bag in the corner of your closet so that you can rid your closet of less than satisfactory garments, and donate or resell them if you choose.


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