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Investing into a right point of sales system is a challenging task for any business owner, especially when you deal with many locations.

Many locations mean more complexity and more demanding tasks.

More employees and greater decision-making duties.


Remember, you cannot do all the task by yourself. You can spend two hours extra but cannot fulfill the work need for two employees.

This is the time when your point of sales system comes handy to you.

If you have invested in a right POS system, you will be relaxed about a lot of business related decisions.


iConnect has a whole slew of features to provide, but business owners fail to use the best of it.

Often time, when we buy a particular product we are aware of its main use and features, but we fail to use the best of it.

A modern POS system provides much more beyond sales.


Here is how iConnect POS can help you plan business efficiently and easily.

The REFRESH program:

Being a multi-unit franchise owner, it is difficult to invest a huge amount of money at one go.

REFRESH program helps you deal such situations.

All you have to do is pay monthly with 0% APR.

We are aware of the changing technology and thus, REFRESH offers monthly software updates and a hardware update every 4 years all included in the amount you pay.


Business Intelligence:

iConnect POS systems are smart and simple to operate.

They provide you detailed information on your daily sales. It gets convenient if you know which of your location is generating how much amount of revenue.

You can plan your business growth accordingly.

It provides you information of your best selling products and best employee along with weekly and monthly reports.

So, with iConnect POS you know all about your business and are no more dependent on excel files and hard copies.


3rd party integration:

Unlike many companies, we support 3rd part integration. We understand the power of multiple resources.

Discover more about 3rd party integration.


Impulse Buy:

With the growing modernization, we all are headed towards impulsive buying generation.

Be it online or be it retail stores, right from salons and spas to a quick service restaurant, we cannot get over the last minute hustle.

iConnect offers customer interactive display with related recommendations.

This has proved to boost sales by up to 3% annually.



Take the most of what iConnect offers.

Grow your business in smarter ways and forget about the same old ways.

We at iConnect are ready to help you grow your business in any shape and form possible.

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Why we love third party integration (And you should, too!)

iConnect POS third party integration

Third Party Integration POS System

POS Software with 3rd party integration gives business the ability to integrate with a large number of third party systems to ensure that you can manage and operate all aspects of the business.

Hardware combines with Point of Sale software used in retail business, restaurants, and various other business to carry out transactions which include process cash & credit card payments, manage customer, tax, labor, and inventory information.

iConnect POS system is an advanced version that can change the way your business operates.

Provides easy to use touch screen technology and some of the most powerful functionalities seen in a Point of Sale system.

iConnect offers powerful features with 3rd party integration. The construction of POS software is such that it allows you to start at a point that is right for your business.

iConnect POS system helps to build an efficient solution as per the flexibility of individual business.

These powerful tools are loaded with functionalities that go way beyond the simple processing of a customer’s order.

Salient Features of iConnect POS system with 3rd party integration include:

EMV payment– Supports accepting EMV payments with TSYS, First Data, Heartland, North American Ban card.

NON- EMV payment – Now accepting payments with Elavon, Global East, VANTIV, EVO, WorldPay, Chase.

Financials – Sync transaction data with QuickBooks Online on daily basis.

E-commerce– able Sync inventory from iConnect to Magento and transaction from Magento to iConnect for accurate inventory.

Gift Cards & Loyalty – Sell, Redeem and Account for your gift cards using Valutec, Givex and Synergy Loyalty Solution

Text Messaging -Send text reminder for appointments or text marketing using Twilio and Clickatell

Email Marketing -Sync customers with MailChimp for email marketing.

Sales Tax Calculation – Calculate your taxes with Avalar Tax.

Of course, researching about the various POS system will be always useful before zeroing on the best suited for your business.

iConnect offers POS System with 3rd party integration to streamline store operations.

Many times, this single interface system allows saving upon employee time, reducing errors from duplicate entry, and adding convenience during customer checkouts. For retail stores like pharmacy or grocery, gas stations and more, this third party integration will incorporate many business entities under a single roof.

With this advanced App, now the business can integrate multiple tasks like front office, back office, smart alerts, marketing, memberships, and loyalty.

As an application, iConnect strives to be as mobile and open as possible. This enables users to work from a variety of different devices and platforms, including iOS, Android, and the web.

iConnect is 100% cloud-based, which means that users can access data on all their different devices from anywhere in the world. When data—such as inventory, employees, or customers—is uploaded on one device, that data sync to the cloud and is then available on any other device using iConnect.

Which third party integration you use? What are your thoughts on it?

Also, refer quick guide to essential features for your POS system.



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