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Ever wondered looking at your POS system about the features you never use?

This happens to most of the franchisors.

We are addicted to working the old ways, we never give up on those practices and we hardly use all that amazing technology we pay for.

My idea with a point of sales system is basic, that is, you need to invest in a right technology instead of spending on them. The main motto of having a POS system is to simplify and improve your franchising business.

iConnect is the leader in franchise POS systems.

iConnect POS is an evolved cloud computing based mobile point of sale solution operating on the iPhone, iPad, Microsoft Windows, and web devices.

Simple, beautiful and powerful POS system with lots of features. All these innovative features are combined into one intuitive POS system.

Here’s an updated guide to must haves in your POS system.

Omni-Channel Sales
How convenient it is if you are given the flexibility to run franchises on your own terms and condition. Choose any platform you want to run your business from and ultimately all syncs up on one central cloud account. All you need to focus on is running your business.

Business intelligence
While running a business, we are so focused on generating revenues, that we end up hiring experts for our business analytics.

But, iConnect POS offers business intelligence all in one software. No more worrying about huge calculations and critical observations. Get an overview of performance in beautiful charts and graphical representation.

Inventory Management
iConnect is POS system with lots of features to manage and track inventories. This is helpful for e-commerce and online companies. With this, track inventory in real time to make sure your best sellers are always in stock

Payment Methods
With this digitized world, it is essential for a business to consider on all the payment methods.

Accept cash, credit, check, gift card, and more with this flexible system. Sell & track gift cards from iConnect at no extra cost.

You can even scan physical gift cards or send e-gift cards to your customers via email. With iConnect POS & Apple Pay, you can stay on the cutting edge of secure transactions.

Multi-location Ready
Deploy iConnect to multiple locations quickly, seamlessly, & cost-effectively. iConnect is the most scalable mobile POS currently available. Whether you plan on expanding in the future or already operate multiple locations,

iConnect team can help guide you through initial setup and deployment of the app.

Customer Management
Trying to figure out how will you manage customers along with managing other thousands of tasks?

Well iConnect POS comes with a build in customer management feature, which helps you connect with your customers through innovative built-in marketing tools.


There can be many more features which are not mentioned above but, essential for your franchising business.

Which features work best for your business?

Also, refer guide to POS system for QSR business and Salon business.

iConnect is the perfect POS solution for franchisees and franchisors. With each additional franchise opened, deployment is almost instant.

Some of the industries where POS system is commonplace now are Retail, Health & Beauty and QSR. Our POS system with lots of features and customization makes it compatible with a variety of industries.


Features like inventory management, employee time clock, & business intelligence can increase sales and help your retail business grow every day. The Point of Sale is also faster, easier and more efficient.

Health & Beauty

iConnect offers a suite of tools that make it ideal for any health & beauty industry business. Appointment booking, online booking, and loyalty program are a few iConnect features.

 Quick Service Restaurant

Create as many custom add-ons and modifiers as you need to make taking food & drink orders at the counter a breeze.

iConnect has emerged as the largest brands transition to the Cloud POS platform. The economics is such that it is beneficial and affordable even for the smallest business.

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Are you thinking about CSR?

World map with protecting hands depicting CSR

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Corporate social responsibilities. Well is it sounding too demanding?

CSR is not restricted to bigger companies, but each and every company right from a small size firm to mid-size to the bigger ones. It is our responsibility towards our environment.

Many multinational firms hire CSR consultants as it is a lot of media coverage and a lot of publicity which in turn results in larger revenues, however, small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) always stay in the perception that it isn’t for them. They have nothing to do with CSR. Why? Aren’t you responsible for your environment?

We are into the 17th year of the 21st century.

We need to consider environmental factors as well. The big corporate companies hire consultants to face the demanding and ever changing climatic conditions and other factors like law, regulations, government, political issues, press release, global warming, pollution to name a few. However, SMEs often neglect and keep on focusing on the growth of the company.

CSR for a smaller business is of much more importance as they truly undertake changes for the environment and not only for the media attention. Many SMEs have started taking these social responsibilities on a sincere scale.

iConnect POS is a very proud practitioner of CSR.

At iConnect POS, we believe, CSR is not only for big companies but, for all and we need to do our best for the betterment of the environment.

iConnect POS pledges to be caring. Be it clients or environment. Keeping this responsibility into consideration, iConnect POS promotes CSR to their clients as well, in the means of using more of technology than of paper. The POS system has many features like email and text message marketing which highly promotes CSR to their clients. Inventory management is inbuilt in the system which keeps away the clingy paperwork and helps you focus on business growth as well as betterment of the environment.

CSR is definitely important for the SMEs as it benefits them the same way as it does to the bigger corporates i.e. it helps develop trust from their clients. It builds a feeling of prosperity into the company and motivates positive bond among the employees.

I strongly believe, every corporate company should undertake CSR. Even the minimalistic of effort will sum up to greater results.

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Welcome To The New iConnect Website

We’d like to welcome you to the new iConnect website! Here, you’ll find everything you need to know about the company and how it can better help serve your business. There’s many new features that iConnect has created to better help serve our current and future customers. We now have a wide range of features to fulfill the capacity of growth for retailers, franchises, salons, spas, QSR, restaurants, and many more types of businesses.

We simplified our navigation to strengthen our platform with the right details for specific types of businesses. You’ll find all the information you need in our header in an organized format. All the information you’ll need for your type of business will be found on the correlated pages. You’ll find drop down tabs for industry specific pages such as retail, salon, spa, QSR restaurants, and micro markets.

The next tab over will show iConnect’s solutions for counter tops, mobile, kiosk, and eCommerce. You can also learn more about our company and vision on the next tab over.

Rapid growth of iConnect

iConnect has been growing at phenomenal speed which required us to create a rebranded image in the point of sale industry. With the high demand for our feature rich system, many multi-location and corporate businesses have been turning to us for their POS solution. We have the #1 ranked franchise pos and corporate pos systems that serves at full capacity in needs.

iConnect prides itself for the quality of solution that it provides to thousands of customers today.

Contact us to find out how we can empower your business to sell more!

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