Multi-Location Ready POS

iConnect is the premiere point-of-sale system for multi-location businesses. Whether you have 5 locations or 2,000 locations, our intuitive, omni-channel platform can grow with you. We offer a multitude of features included in our software, specifically to meet the needs of multi-unit retailers.

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Modernize & Simplify.

Shift away from outdated legacy systems. Eliminate server maintenance. No need to worry about firewalls. We offer a simple and secure solution. Our cloud-based system ensures that hardware issues never interfere with your data.


iConnect offers total data centralization. You can run your business from one centralized administrative account. This improves communication across locations and makes sure that everyone is on the same page. You’ll never lose track of important information. Control employee access permissions. Manage your business from anywhere.


As your business grows, iConnect grows with you. Your success is vital to us. Our simple and effective point-of-sale system will let you focus on growing your business. Our Back Office is equipped with analytics reports, neatly compiling data from every location into easy-to-read charts and graphs. You’ll easily be able to set goals and track your progress from one location to many, many more. iConnect arms you with tools to grow. Built-in digital marketing features along with our customizable loyalty program will drive sales.

Implement & Replicate.

Our world-class help desk is here to answer any questions you may have. Nationwide on-site implementation teams are at your service to make sure that the roll out process is a breeze. Our accounts are easy to replicate from the master Back Office, so that when your next location opens up, your point of sale system is the last thing on your mind.

Multi Location POS Ready
iConnect is the premiere point-of-sale system for multi-location POS and can be engaged with all level of businesses. Whether your business boasts 5 locations or 2,000 locations, nothing to worry of that! We love to hear and act swiftly for you.  Our intuitive, omnichannel platform POS are the best to incorporate your business that literally works and make you grow. With specially designed POS system, we ensure flawless operation of sale & purchase point subject to transaction, billing, inventory and much more. However, we sound with our satisfied clients who not only have a flawless business operation but rules their customer too. The introduced Multi Location POS are developed precisely to meet the entire requirements of restaurants, groceries, supermarkets and others.
Multi Location POS for Multi-Location Business
Say, Good Bye to the traditional practices of business you adapted and empower with Multi-Location POS system. In addition to opening a door of extra possibilities, truly this POS system will endow an amazing shopping experience to your customers that establish a bond of trust and freedom. Apart from this, our proficient experts make the multi-channel POS to boast cloud-based system that eradicates the bother of data challenges encountered by hardware or any other issues. Eventually, you will set free from the hurdles of firewalls, server maintenance and intuitive user-friendly software and navigation. Moving ahead, you will love to procure insight detail report of products order, inventory, transaction details, employee details with our special designed Multi-Location POS even in a single click.
Meet Your Goals With Multi Location POS
The dedicated team at iConnect are committed to clients goals and love to confer together, who not only comprehend the requirements of clients as well as their customers too. We put our best efforts to achieve our client’s objective and launched a robust Multi-Location POS that ensure real-time seamless regulation of your multi-location business.

Our dedicated POS system allows complete centralization of data like transactions, order, inventory etc. and provide full control. Thus regardless of one place, with Multi-location POS you are availing entire freedom of regulating your entire business including employee access permission, data conservation tracking information, improvise communication across multi-location, and much more through a single centralized administrative account.
Highlights of Multi Location POS to Know

  • Allows you to recognize the goals and act accordingly as well as offers tracking your progress from multiple places rather than of a single place.
  • Keep you calm and relaxed in terms of server maintenance, firewalls, and data conservation.
  • Polarize your multiple location businesses under one account and provide complete control of viewing, analyzing and granting permission from a single place.
  • The Multi-Location POS ensures simple and convenient access to transactions, inventory, sale & report of all multiple location businesses as well as facilitate to procure master report for all location in all aspects.
  • Provide an extra level of ease & comfort for sale and purchasing for both customer and employee as well as look at the best deal offer, Sale Offer, Gift and Promotion, Loyalty cards and much more without any hassles.