The All New Kiosk POS System

Kiosk POS systems are being deployed all over the country at some of the biggest franchise restaurants including McDonalds. Many companies have found that Kiosk POS systems are more cost effective than hiring employees to run their daily operations. There are also additional benefits that these companies are finding with the use of a self-service checkout system.

Constant Level of Service

The level of service with the use of self-checkout kiosk POS systems will be constant. Automated systems provide the same constant service to any customer whether their shape, color, or size. There will be no bias when it comes to serving your customers at your restaurant. But having employees can sometimes cause confrontations and negative experiences. Every employee is different, whether they’ve been trained for 10 or 100 hours. They’ll have different attitudes and different responses dependent on the customer. Kiosk POS systems will maintain the level of service and have a generous attitude for your customers.

Honest Transactions

Humans are prone to making errors. We make mistakes all the time and have a hard time staying “perfect” in any reference. When we go through our daily routines, some practices become so automated in our heads that we forget to double check. There is a specific term called, “Technique For Human Error Rate Prediction” (THERP) which takes into account the probability of a human error occurring throughout the completion of a specific task. When employees take actions such as accepting cash payments or entering in a credit amount, there is always a room for error. That’s why some businesses even have the strike rule to control the level of THERP happening at businesses.

Another problematic thing that employers face is theft. From time-to-time employees can take the dishonest action and steal from a store location which affects time, trust, and the process of replacing an employee. Kiosk POS systems will allow all of that to be properly maintained and relieve employers from that stress. Automated systems won’t have the capabilities to steal or make human errors. iConnect’s Kiosk POS system is designed to maintain the highest level of qualities when it comes to processing and transactions.

Kiosk systems such as iConnect’s is also trustworthy. Trust comes at a high price as many factors determine the quality of employee. One of them is pay. Most workers in the food service industry are paid hourly plus tips. If they aren’t happy with the amount they are making, there’s room for distance to grow between the level of employees. Kiosk POS systems are just a 1 time pay where it’ll maintain the level of trust for you. There are no emotions involved between the owner of a restaurant and an automated POS system.

This is why many business owners are turning to automated Kiosk POS systems that create a linear standard for service. They won’t make human error, will provide a constant level of service, and create honest transactions with the customers. If you’re curious to learn more about Kiosk POS systems, simply reach out to one of our team members to learn more.


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