If it’s not making you better, get rid of it!

Change point of sales system

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When was the last time you analyzed all your reports?

Do you know the performance of each of your locations today? No?

What sense does it make, when you can’t track all your sales and reports for each of the location at any given point of time?

Having a multi-unit business is great but, it is accompanied with a lot of responsibilities and decision making tasks.

The World is heading towards the tech-savvy aeon and nothing seems impossible for technology.

If your technology is not making you any better, you need to change it!

Be it a retail business, salon or a quick service restaurant franchise, having a right set of technology delivers better results than having a poor technology and trained staff.

My point is not to prove, you don’t require a trained staff. In fact, that is the fundamental need.

But what will your staff do with the technology of a Flintstones era!

I can understand, you have been working with this business baby since 15 years and you were doing good until now.

You love to maintain few classic ways of growing your child but, if you see ebb in your business now, you need a change.

You are proving beneficial for your competitors. They are planning every minute to crush your business and grow.

Read, how your competitors can guide you for your business.

Find out, investing in which technology will help you grow.

Having a right point of sales system can change many aspects of business growth.

The point of sales system should simplify your tasks and not complicate it.

iConnect offers a simple and smart point of sales solution. Features like business intelligence, employee management, customer management, bookings, loyalty, marketing are all covered with this system.

It offers impulse buying feature based on related recommendations and helps you achieve positive results.

Complete inventory management is included and the system is as mobile and as open as possible.

It is completely cloud based, which means you can manage all your locations with one mobile application.

Your job is to plan your business and iConnect POS will manage it.

So, if you think your current technology is not generating results, it’s time for a change!

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