Emerging trends you need to pay attention to.

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Are you following the traditional way of growing your business?

In this era when everything is running at a lightning speed, you must cope up with the emerging trends.

Your competitors are planning new strategies to compete with this challenging market and it is important to run along with the world.


Read, how our competitors teach us about our business.


Be it a quick service restaurant, a salon business or may be a retail business, being a business owner you need to stay updated with the world and its trends.

Here is a list of emerging trends you cannot afford to ignore:


What do you think would you prefer? A personalized sandwich with all your favorite toppings or a basic ready to go sandwich?

I would go with a personalized sandwich with my preferred toppings.

My point here is, we all love personalized service.

The idea of providing personalized services/products is emerging and almost all business these days are competing to meet highest possible customer gratification.

Think about your target audience and ways you can provide a personalized experience to them.

Invest in smart technologies. It reduces 40% of your work.

iConnect POS provides a complete solution with smart built in technology to help you grow your business.

It supports impulse buying based on related recommendations.

Read, we are into impulsive buying era.


Research proves visual data impacts more compared to the text data or word of mouth.

Create a visual demo of your products or shoot your client testimonials. This has proved to be very effective.

Don’t hesitate and hide behind the cameras. Reach out to your audience through a video update and connect with them.

Using the word “video” on email subject line has proved to boost the open rate up to 20%.

Take advantage of this and don’t lose a chance to connect with your audience.

Digital Marketing:

If you believe word of mouth is the way to grow your business, and often times get excited about your relatives knowing about your business, well that’s not enough.

Your loved ones are not going to empty their wallets and buy your product every time you launch a new one.

You need to understand the need for your business to go on the digital platform.

Be it a small business or a multi-unit franchise, every business owner understands the need to conquer the digital platform.

If you are still stuck to your traditional methods, think about this now.

Create a Facebook page, get your company website if you don’t have one.

Structure your online data focused on search engine optimization.

Mobile friendly:

In this tech savvy era, if you don’t focus your online content mobile friendly, then it is next to zero outcomes.

We are connected to our mobile devices and the most convenient way to reach out any digital platform is via a mobile device.

Be it a social media platform or a website, we almost operate it all through our mobile phones.

Self-check out:

With the growing challenges and demanding lifestyle, we are more inclined towards fast and easy living.

We want to avoid the hustle of waiting in the long queues when we know exactly what we are looking for.

A self-check out system provides you this leisure.

iConnect POS supports this feature and helps you enhance your business growth based on impulsive buying and customer login.

This improves customer loyalty by improving their entire experience.

Customer engagement:

There are many ways you can engage with your customers.

All the above-mentioned points contribute to customer engagement. Be it visual reach, digital marketing or personalization.

It is all about customer engagement and making them believe in special treatments.

We all love discounts! Provide occasional coupons and offers to engage with your target audience.

Keep updating your company social media reach with new activities and launch.

Every year, new trends are emerging, but we need to focus on few best for our business growth and focus on updating the business.

Choose not only a right platform but, also a smart technology that will save your basic tasks and help to focus on sales.

Contact iConnect POS for more detailed discussion and grow your business.

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