Fully integrated eCommerce

  • The eCommerce solution comes bundled with iConnect and is fully integrated with the system.
  • Experience the ease and seamlessness of an all-in-one eCommerce and POS system.
  • Reduce your number of systems and logins by using an eCommerce system that is tied to your POS and reporting.

Fully integrated eCommerce POS system

iPhone POS system

Make sales online and in-store

  • Because the eCommerce solution is synced with your iConnect POS account, customers can make purchases online and in-store.
  • Inventory is automatically updated and synced to your account no matter where a sale is made.
  • When customers order through eCommerce they can choose to have the purchase shipped or to pick up locally in-store.
  • Fuse your online and in-store sales for a truly modern shopping experience.


Make sales globally

  • The entire world is your potential market with a modern online eCommerce store.
  • Supplement your in-store sales with online sales around the world, or begin shifting your business to a primarily online model.
  • Increase brand awareness by reaching new markets through eCommerce.


Sell globally POS system

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Open APIs for future integration

  • iConnect offers open APIs for integration with existing systems.
  • For a truly tailored and customized system, developers can tap into iConnect APIs to add features and further enhance functionality.
  • We believe that your data should always be yours, and iConnect allows you to import, export, and connect to APIs as you wish.


Affordable Ecommerce Point of Sale System

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Online Ordering

Give your customers the choice of ordering online and shipping or picking up in store.

Online Exposure

Reach more customers online and increase your marketing presence through an integrated ecommerce site.

Increased Traffic

Increase both online and in-store traffic by offering special promotions right through the iConnect system.

Global Service

Go global with ecommerce and reach target markets for your products no matter where they are.