Cloud Kiosk POS

  • The iConnect kiosk POS is customer-facing and allows customers to use self-checkout functionality.
  • Since the kiosk connects to your iConnect account, you can manage and edit inventory and prices from any device.
  • Increase customer satisfaction with a smooth and interactive checkout experience.
  • Free up your staff for other tasks to keep your business running efficiently.

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Self check-out interaction

Real customer interaction

  • Give your customers the opportunity to explore your product line at their own pace on a familiar touchscreen kiosk device.
  • Search functionality makes it easy for customers to look up specific products in your inventory.
  • Use the kiosk in-store or at a mobile event to encourage customer interaction.
  • Customers can pay using a variety of payment methods or sign up for an iConnect account with your business and add credit to their account.

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Increase speed and reduce costs

  • Increase the speed of your business by reducing line times at the cash register.
  • Reduce costs by using an automated self-serve checkout rather than a cashier.
  • Watch customer satisfaction go up, as the self-checkout experience feels natural and convenient.

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Scan self checkout reduce cost

Self checkout customer experience

The best customer experience

  • Customers are used to self-checkout and enjoy the convenience of being able to quickly pay and go.
  • Self-checkout kiosks look cleaner and more open than traditional cashier lines.
  • Be a leader in providing a 21st century customer experience by embracing technology that makes running your business easier.

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iConnect self-checkout

Full Automation

Fully automate the check out process with a self-serve kiosk.

Lower Costs

An automated kiosk system cuts down significantly on staffing costs.

Quick Sales

Offer specials & promotions to your customers directly through the iConnect app.

Consistent Service

Your customers will enjoy the ease of self checkout and a consistent experience each time they visit your business.
  • I have never had such great customer service as I have with this company. I was getting ready to leave for my conference. I called and talked to Chris and he help set up my point of sale on my iPad. It took a lot of work on my part taking photos of all of my product and getting him on my iPad but Chris was there with me every step of the way giving me clear instructions on how to do it. I would recommend iConnect for anyone who needs a point of sales.
  • This app is amazing! Very user friendly. The iConnect customer service are wonderful. They will assist you with any questions you have. Won’t give you no for answer. iConnect team helped me set everything up easily. I would highly recommend this app.
    Cortex USA
  • This is one of the most amazing Mobile POS systems I’ve ever used! It allows me access on the go and I can check my back office on the fly. I have a couple employees in my business and it’s so affordable. Definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a cloud mobile pos system!
  • This update is a major overhaul. They mentioned there was an update coming but I did not know what to expect. The new app is wonderful. Very easy to use. Endless features. I don’t use the iPhone app much it is nice to have when I need run transactions away from the store. Great new app!
    Business Traveler

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