Cloud Kiosk POS

  • The iConnect kiosk POS is customer-facing and allows customers to use self-checkout functionality.
  • Since the kiosk connects to your iConnect account, you can manage and edit inventory and prices from any device.
  • Increase customer satisfaction with a smooth and interactive checkout experience.
  • Free up your staff for other tasks to keep your business running efficiently.

Self check-out interaction

Real customer interaction

  • Give your customers the opportunity to explore your product line at their own pace on a familiar touchscreen kiosk device.
  • Search functionality makes it easy for customers to look up specific products in your inventory.
  • Use the kiosk in-store or at a mobile event to encourage customer interaction.
  • Customers can pay using a variety of payment methods or sign up for an iConnect account with your business and add credit to their account.

Increase speed and reduce costs

  • Increase the speed of your business by reducing line times at the cash register.
  • Reduce costs by using an automated self-serve checkout rather than a cashier.
  • Watch customer satisfaction go up, as the self-checkout experience feels natural and convenient.


Scan self checkout reduce cost

Self checkout customer experience

The best customer experience

  • Customers are used to self-checkout and enjoy the convenience of being able to quickly pay and go.
  • Self-checkout kiosks look cleaner and more open than traditional cashier lines.
  • Be a leader in providing a 21st-century customer experience by embracing technology that makes running your business easier.


iConnect self-checkout

Full Automation

Fully automate the check out process with a self-serve kiosk.

Lower Costs

An automated kiosk system cuts down significantly on staffing costs.

Quick Sales

Offer specials & promotions to your customers directly through the iConnect app.

Consistent Service

Your customers will enjoy the ease of self checkout and a consistent experience each time they visit your business.