Questions about your business to ask yourself!

Questions about business

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Being into a business means you are surrounded with many decision-making responsibilities.

Right from employee management to inventory management, everything is on you and you are juggling with various time-consuming tasks.

With the growing market demand, consumer’s purchasing decision is influenced by impulsive buying method.

Be it online shopping or a simple grocery shopping.


Read, about the impulsive buying era.


Often times, we play the blame game and end up firing a good bunch of employees.

It is important to scrutinize ourselves no matter how difficult it is.

To make sure you are running with the world, here is a list of questions to ask yourself about your business:

Do you usually meet your short term business goal?
Not all days are same, but you should analyze your reports and understand which part of your business needs some measured changes.

How are you managing your inventories?
Still maintaining the excel files? Or not managing at all?
Invest in the right technology to lead a stress-free business growth.

iConnect POS offers features like inventory management, business intelligence, self-check-out, reports and much more.

All you need to plan is about growing your sales, rest is taken care by iConnect POS system.

What do you do for employee management?

Do you have your customer data?

Are you considering Digital Marketing for your business?
In the era where everyone is connected to their cellular devices, you need to consider taking your business online.

Do you provide Gift Cards and Loyalty?

Does your system support impulse buy?
iConnect POS offers dual screen impulsive buying, where you need not worry about your sales.

Do you know who is your best employee?

Which product/service is the most popular amongst your customers?

Are you targeting the right audience?

What are your consumers expecting?

Who are your competitors?
Read, things your competitors teach you.

Do you know your daily & weekly reports?

If you are a multi-unit business owner,
How are you managing all your locations?


There may be thousands of questions running through your mind while running a business.

Having a right point of sales system can reduce your stress by 20%.

iConnect POS offer features which are simple, smart, and flexible. It provides robust technology which is tested on thousands of SKUs.

Contact for more details and a free demo.

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