Your restaurant, in sync

  • iConnect integrates all the working parts of your restaurant under a single, easy-to-use system.
  • Take orders and send them to iConnect’s built-in kitchen display—all devices are synced through the same app.
  • Run tabs, split tickets, and process multiple payment types, including cash, credit (EMV chip card ready), debit, and gift card.
  • iConnect’s shared and open APIs make it easy to further customization and integration to fit your needs.

Restaurant POS System Inventory

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A front-of-house countertop POS

  • The stationary iConnect countertop unit is as beautiful as it is functional.
  • Run transactions, punch in orders, edit your menu, manage inventory, and much more across multiple locations at once.
  • Track more accurate hours with built-in employee clock-in and clock out functionality.

A fast & robust mobile solution

  • iConnect mobile allows servers to take orders directly from an iPad or Android tablet.
  • Upload your menu and daily specials for easy access and viewing by wait staff and diners.
  • Everything you do in the mobile version of iConnect syncs immediately to the cloud, ensuring that all devices are always working from the same data.

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Kitchen Display POS

Reliable kitchen display unit

  • Install an additional tablet in your kitchen as a display unit for incoming orders.
  • The kitchen display unit is completely locked and powered over ethernet, so it only displays what the front-of-house sends to it.
  • Purchase as an add-on to any iConnect POS system.


A new customer experience

  • iConnect’s kiosk mode is a fully self-serve application that gives your customers control over their own dining experience.
  • Update menus in real time and allow your customers to view your menu with the ease of an iPad or Android tablet.
  • Keep lines moving at quick service restaurants by allowing customers to self order and check out at kiosks.

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Interactive marketing features

  • The iConnect customer display is an add-on that allows your customers to log in with their own iConnect account to make purchases.
  • Capture customer information quickly and seamlessly to make it easier to offer promotions and specials based on customer preferences and behavior.
  • Increase customer loyalty by offering a more interactive and engaging sales experience.

Built-in online ordering

  • Allow customers to order online and pick up in store.
  • Upload and edit menus instantly.
  • iConnect's open APIs allow for virtually endless customization and integration with third-party systems.

App Order Online Restaurant

Multi-location Point of sale system

Multi-location ready

  • iConnect syncs all the data you need to sync between multiple store locations.
  • Manage inventory for all locations from one central account.
  • Automatically calculate royalties for franchise operations.
  • Run reports for individual locations, groups of locations, or all locations at once.
  • Share customers and gift cards between selected or all locations.

Get Quick Service Restaurant POS

iConnect is a truly omni channel sales solution. The variety of platforms and solutions offer you countless ways to make sales, and everything ultimately syncs up to one central cloud account. All you have to worry about is running your business.

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Add as many products as you serve and keep close track of inventory.


Create daily specials for your best selling products and move lines quickly.

Coffee Shop

Set up a self-serve kiosk to free up your busy staff and offer a unique customer experience.

Fast Food

Keep lines moving by enabling orders right from a customer-facing touch screen.

Juice and Smoothie Bar

Add a variety of modifiers to give your customers the ability to customize their orders.

Quick Service Restaurant

Run transactions quickly and send orders directly to a kitchen display unit for cooks.

Sandwich Shop

Create a loyalty program to reward your repeat customers.


Manage inventory for multiple locations and sync all sales to a central account for dynamic, omni-channel reporting.