Coffee Shop POS

World-class Coffee Shop Point of Sale

Are you searching for a sleek point of sale system for your coffee shop? iConnect offers a multitude of built-in features specifically for coffee shops and other quick service restaurants. Empower your business with technology that makes competing with major coffee house and restaurant chains easy. 

coffee point of sale
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Order online, pick up in store

Few things are better in life than being able to skip the line, and grab your cup of joe instantly. With iConnect’s versatile platform, your customers will have the ability to place an order online and pick it up in person. Let your customers skip the lines, give your employees more time to prepare their order, and improve the overall customer experience.


Inventory Management

Receive and reconcile your inventory with iConnect’s built-in inventory management system. Inventory will automatically be subtracted based on the items that sell. Add items to your inventory quickly with the use of RFID (radio frequency identification) scanners. With the ability to access Inventory Management via iConnect’s Back Office, you will always be certain of which inventory is in stock or which inventory is running low. Well-organized inventory helps you to save money and be more a more reliable business to your customers. If you have multiple locations of your coffee shop, you will be able to access each location’s stock reports, no matter where you are.


Loyalty Programs

Make your coffee house more than just a  caffeine habit for your customers. Offer a loyalty rewards program to your customers by rewarding them for every dollar they spend. This customizable feature lets you reward your customers on a points basis, adjusting the loyalty rewards program to suit your businesses needs. 


Process Payments

Process a wide variety of payments including giftcards, EMV payments, and touchless pay. Offer discounts and deals. Offer store credit or the ability to have a house account with your cafe.