World Class Juice and Smoothie Bar POS

Smoothie/ Juice Bar Point of Sale Solution

Are you searching for a world class point of sale system for your juice or smoothie bar, that won't break the bank? iConnect offers a multitude of built-in features specifically for smoothie or juice bars and other quick service restaurants. From a kitchen display unit, built-in text and e-mail marketing tools, to an inventory tracker and employee management system, iConnect has smoothie bars covered on all fronts! Empower your business with technology that makes competing with major smoothie bar chains easier, no matter your what budget may be. 

smoothie bar point of sale
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Order online, pick up in store

Be more competitive by offering your customers greater convenience.  With iConnect’s versatile platform, your customers will have the ability to place an order online and pick it up in person. Let your customers skip the lines, give your employees more time to prepare their order, and improve the overall customer experience.

Employee Management

iConnect's robust Back Office includes many features for employee management. Allow your employees to clock in and clock out directly on the app.  iConnect manages payroll for you, calculating how much your business owes each employee based on their clocked hours.  Manage employee access permissions to control which employees have access to specific functions within the app. 

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are proven to drive sales. Offer a loyalty rewards program to your customers by rewarding them for every dollar they spend. This customizable feature lets you reward your customers on a points basis, adjusting the loyalty rewards program to suit your businesses needs. 


Process Payments

Process a wide variety of payments including gift cards, EMV payments, and touchless pay. Offer discounts and deals. Offer store credit or the ability to have a house account with your bakery.



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Omni-channel point of sale solution

Omni-channel point of sale solution