Point-of-Sale for Massage Therapy Services

For many massage therapists, cultivating and maintaining customer relationships is a paramount aspect of your business. iConnect provides massage therapists with the tools they need to be successful. iConnect gives massage therapists the flexibility they need to operate their business from anywhere.

Cultivate customer relationships

It can be tricky to remember the details about each client as they rotate in and out of your business throughout the day. With iConnect you will be able to collect customer information such as their name, e-mail, and phone number. More importantly, you will be able to make detailed notes about your customer’s preferences or other important information. Send your customers a coupon or promotion on their birthday, if you like.

Operate Offline

Offline mode is critical for any massage therapist on the go. Offline mode enables you to operate your business as usual, with out Internet connectivity. If you offer in-home services or commute to various locations to give massages, you will want to have the ability to access all of the functionality of your point-of-sale system. Your data will sync to the cloud when you return online.


Book appointments

Booking is an essential features for any massage therapy practice. iConnect just gets it right. Our built-in booking feature allows your customers to book appointments online or in person. Our booking feature is also integrated with scheduling, to ensure that you won’t accidentally be booked for a massage on your day off. Also, iConnect scheduling makes sure that your appointments will never be double booked, by warning you before you book an appointment.


Take your Business Mobile

Being able to operate your business from anywhere is a great convenience for every massage therapist. With iConnect you will have total access to the Back Office, enabling you to set employee schedules, calculate payroll, view your reports and inventory from anywhere.