Spa Point of Sale for Professionals

For most spas, customer satisfaction is paramount in the success of your business. iConnect understands your priorities and gives spas the resources they need to focus on their customers. Provide convenience, relaxation and reliability to your customers. iConnect’s robust Back Office capabilities combined with a sleek and intuitive software interface is a perfect fit for any spa.


“I have two salons in Fort Worth, TX and iConnect works great for them. We benefit greatly from the online booking and the look book app. Everyone thinks the system is easy to use. Our customers think it is really cool. We also use them to process our merchant services.” - Daniel Cunningham"



Our built-in Booking feature is a great tool for any facialist, manicurist, massage therapist in the spa industry. iConnect’s Booking feature allows customers to book appointments online or directly in the iConnect app. The Booking feature is integrated with your employee schedule, to ensure that service providers won’t accidentally be booked on their day off. Even send auto-reminders to your customers via text or email, so that they are less likely to miss an appointment.


Process Payments

Process a wide variety of payments including giftcards, EMV payments, and touchless pay. Offer discounts and deals. Offer store credit or the ability to have a house account with your spa.


Customer Relationship Management

iConnect’s CRM brings the tools to grow your business through excellent customer service. Keep customer information beyond just their name, e-mail, and phone number. Make notes about the client. View their appointments. Add photos to the lookbook app. Send your customers a coupon code on their birthday. If your spa offers a bundle of services, keep track of which services the customer has claimed and which they still have yet to claim.


Employee Management

Create and replicate employee schedules easily with the Magic Schedule Setup. Employees can clock in and clock out directly in the iConnect app. iConnect will calculate the total number of hours and paycheck amount at the end of each pay period. Manage hourly salaries or commission rate by service or product.

A robust spa POS for your business:

The spa business is a hectic one and involves a lot of duties from managing the clients and scheduling the appointment of the different people. Sometimes, it becomes a headache to manage all these business operations because all those tasks you have to do manually but what if you get a software that will automate the entire work and make you free from all the daunting responsibilities?

There is one such software which will make the hassle-free business handling experience for the business owners and that is none other than the spa POS. The introduction of this technology is definitely a boon for the salon professionals as it replaces the manual task with the automation.

Now, the main question is that which company will provide the effective POS solution that meets with the business requirements? The apt answer is the iConnect which is the global leader in the development sector for a large number of years.

Why should you have a salon POS of the iConnect?

There are numerous reasons why people should deploy this functionality in their business and it is loaded with the intuitive features that are easy to understand. When it comes to the features of this technology then it is enriched with a lot of features that makes it the ideal choice for the spa business and these features are listed below:

  • It has a booking feature which facilitates the customers to book an online appointment that is integrated with the schedule of the employees in order to ensure of the fact that the customers did not book a service when it is off on that particular day.
  • The CRM of the iConnect is an effective tool that helps to win the hearts of the customers with the exceptional customer service.
  • With the Magic schedule setup, the employees can easily do the clock in and clock out directly in the iConnect app.

We are a renowned name in the development industry so there is no scope left for any kind of fraudulent activities from our side. We provide a genuine product to our clients and they are greatly impressed with our innovative approach in the technical industry and because of our universal thinking they are receiving better results in the sales of their businesses.

Talking about the customer base, we have a long list of the satisfied customers that are highly impressed with our software and its effective working. They are recommending our software to the other people also.    

If you are looking for that kind of software with the above features then you should definitely consider our product for receiving the endless benefits in your business. iConnect offers a POS software that will provide a seamless integration in the entire business process and not only spa but it also has applications in several industries from the restaurant, petroleum, salon and retail. Call us today for any kind of assistance! We will be more than happy to help you.