Tanning Salon POS

Point-of-Sale for Tanning Salons 

Tanning salons need a point-of-sale system that accommodates their needs. From booking, to inventory management, and employee management; iConnect is a perfect match for tanning salons that are interested in the growth of their business. Compete with some of the biggest names in the tanning salon industry, through the use of our state-of-the-art point-of-sale technology.


Give your customers the flexibility to book their next appointment online, from anywhere. Book appointments with individual service providers, add details like the room the appointment will be using, and how long the appointment will take based on the services the customer is booking. Booking appointments is integrated with your employee schedule, so that you never accidentally book on of your service providers for during a day off. The iConnect app will also prompt you with a warning alert each time you accidentally try to book an appointment that has already been booked, preventing you from ever double booking an appointment.

Email and Text Marketing

The iConnect app has integrations with text and email marketing resources. Text and email marketing allows you to send promotions and discount information to your customers to bring them back to your tanning salon. You can also email or text reminders before the customer’s appointment so that they know just which steps they should be taking to prepare for their upcoming appointment.

Loyalty Program

Reward your customers based on how much they use your services. The more they spend, the more they earn! Customize this program to fit your needs. Loyalty rewards programs significantly drive sales and help to cultivate customer relationships.

Payment processing

Process a wide variety of payments including giftcards, EMV payments, and touchless pay. Offer discounts and deals. Offer store credit or the ability to have a house account with your tanning salon.

Customer Relationship Management

Add customer information beyond solely their name, e-mail and contact information. Include detailed notes about customer preferences. View past and upcoming appointments. Generate sale reports about the customer's purchasing habits, to get to know your client base on a meaningful level.