Visual Merchandising Guide- Fall 2016

Hey Retailers! Prep your store for Fall!

Now that September is here and fall is barreling at us, it’s time to reconsider your store’s visual merchandising. The right use of visual merchandising will make your customers feel comfortable and ready to shop! It’s important to carefully consider who your customers are, their values, and what makes them enjoy shopping with you. Play to your strong points. Consider music, organization of inventory, layout of furniture and displays, lighting, textures, and ambiance. We’ve developed some themes and ideas for retailers to stay on trend with their visual merchandising for this upcoming season.

Selecting a theme will make the processing of choosing décor so much simpler. Themes can revolve around color or events, or they can be related to other ideas. It’s very important to make sure that whichever theme you want to encompass in your visual merchandising, that the theme is consistent with your businesses’ brand and image.

fall visual merchandising


Color Palette for Visual Merchandising 

When considering reworking your décor to reflect a more “autumn” look, it’s important to stay true to your brand. Most retailers, especially if you’re in the fashion industry, should opt for a more fall color palette. In general, a fall color palette might consist of jewel tones, holiday colors, and a more rustic palette. If you have a few key items you want to use in a main display or even a window display – use those items as your color inspiration to avoid any conflicts of interest. Consider the following Pantone palette for Fall 2016:

fall color palette

Photo courtesy of  by Pantone. 

Fall Events

Holidays and special occasions drive sales. Be it, an upcoming Christmas party, Halloween, Election Day or Black Friday the fall season has many events that you should consider when planning for this season’s upcoming visual displays. If you’re anticipating a big sale for Black Friday, it’s a good idea to have your holiday décor on hand and ready to be displayed well in advance.

fall table display



Layout and Organization

When considering or reconsidering your store’s layout, it’s important to try to put yourself in the shoes of the consumer. Image viewing every aspect of your store, viewing your entrance and window display, navigating the aisles, changing in the dressing room or making a purchase at the point-of-sale. Make sure your entire store experience is consistent and neat. Keep merchandise organized as best as neatly as possible. We recommend color coating and sizing each item. Think outside of the box and try to incorporate your theme with your inventory displays -like in the example below. This creates a unique shopping experience. The rustic look of the baskets attached to the wooden pallets quaintly shows off the inventory. 

visual merchandising ideas

Photo courtesy of


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