5 ways to sell your product.

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Advertising and innovative marketing strategies are taking over the authentic way to sell products.

Spending a huge amount of your marketing budget on advertising and still not able to drive results?

Sales and revenue for your business are not related to the amount of money you invest in your marketing and advertising.

You need to adapt the smart ways and build strategic plans for your business.

Here are five ways to consider to sell your product/service:

Store Display:

The most convenient way to sell your product is displaying them in front of naked eyes.

When was the last time you went to a Walmart or Costco and stick by your list and did not buy anything extra?

Don’t remember it?

Our generation is moving towards the impulse buy era and having something in front of our eyes help to enhance sales.


iConnect POS offers a dual screen with customer interactive experience displaying product related recommendations. Having a right point of sales system eliminates up to 20% of your negative revenue.


Be it a Salon business, or a Quick service restaurant, having your products for store display contributes to your business growth.


Events & Expo:

You need to understand the competition in your industry and assure your audience about your dedication. Go out of your comfort zone.

Get involved with the trade shows, events and engage with your target audience.

Every year there are plenty of conferences and trade shows around in each industry sector.

Save some budget for these and you will always be at the top of your client list.

These events help to grow your network by meeting potential partners and clients.

You can also plan up small events inviting all your clients to explain your new products, give away some freebies, brochures and much more.



This may need extra expenditure apart from your planned budget, but, this can be very helpful to build new clients.

Be it a retail store, Salon, or a quick service restaurant, you can place small brochures and catalogue of your premium products and services in your store for customer knowledge.

You can also add discount coupons to enhance your sales.

These small doings are helpful in the long run. This improves customer loyalty and brand image.

Your customer will remember your brand and product/services at the back of their mind.


Social Media:

If you haven’t considered this aspect of selling your product, then high time you need to get along with this fast moving world.

In the generation where, we all are constantly connected to our social media, you need to think of selling your products on these platforms.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and the list goes on.

Create your company page and start publicizing your services and products.

All you need to do is be consistent with your uploads.


Also, read, tips to create your company’s Facebook page.


You will be amazed by the results and the way your audience engages with your products.


Online Store:

This may sound like a step ahead for your sales and support team, but, being able to buy at one’s own comfort definitely steals the show.

Now you might be wondering how can a salon have an online store?

Well you can plan up online appointment booking system for easy and simple checkout.

iConnect POS offers self-check out systems to enhance fast flowing experience.


I am sure there are various other methods to sell a product/service, but the above mentioned few are a must to be considered.

Focus on the sales and don’t make unplanned investments for advertising and marketing.

Know your service and segment your target audience before investing in marketing. Be updated. Technology plays a vital role with business. If you have right point of sales system, there will be very little you need to worry in your business growth.


iConnect offers many build in features like business intelligence, inventory management, loyalty programs, employee management and much more.

Contact for more detailed discussion.

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