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Experience an enterprise-level Web Based POS platform 100% in the cloud. All you need is an Internet connection, a web browser, and the next big business idea.

Point of sale.

Make sales in the cloud.

iConnect is a 100% cloud-based Web POS system, freeing you from the restraints of hardware and local installations. Unlike traditional Web POS systems, iConnect allows you to make sales and receive payment from any computer with an Internet connection. Choose a customer, products and services, and a payment method with just a few simple clicks.


Connect with your customers.

iConnect is more than a web based POS. It’s a complete suite of business management tools, including an unlimited customer relationship management (CRM) database. iConnect will keep all of your customer information in one place and help you increase your marketing efforts with third-party applications like Mailchimp. You can also view any customer’s past sales and appointments to see who are your most loyal patrons.

Keep all of your customer data stored right within the app.

View a customer's past appointments and tickets, and add notes, look book photos, and consent form documents to any customer.


Manage your team and increase productivity.

Your employees are the engine of your business. Giving them the right tools can help increase productivity and make their lives easier. iConnect's Web POS is as simple to learn as it is to use. Not only that, but the app comes packed full of employee management tools, such as a time clock, a scheduler, extensive permissions and access customization, a messaging center, and a number of auto-generated performance reports.

Give every employee a unique login with specific user access and priveleges.

Set employee schedules quickly with the ability to copy from a previous week or replicate until a certain date.


Manage your products & services on the web.

iConnect Web POS keeps accurate counts of your inventory as you make sales and receive new stock. Import all of your products and services in bulk to get your entire inventory set up in a matter of minutes. You can also reconcile your stock to make sure your numbers are always up to date. Because iConnect is a web based POS system, you can do all of this from your store location or the comfort of your own home office.


View and schedule appointments anywhere, anytime.

Service industry businesses are competitive and fast-paced. Using innovative cloud-based technology, you can stay ahead of your competitors by offering your customers the most convenient experience when it comes to booking appointments. iConnect Web POS includes robust appointment booking features, such as online booking for customers, email and text appointment reminders, client retention reports, and much more.


Getting the word out just got easier.

Your business is nothing if nobody knows about it. In today’s world, Internet marketing is one of the best ways to inform potential customers about your business and leverage current customers for increased sales. With a good mix of built-in tools and third-party integrations, iConnect Web POS gives you the ability to offer promotional discounts, set up a loyalty and rewards program, and send email and text message blasts to connect with your customers directly through the web based POS interface.


View progress at the click of your mouse.

Staying on top of the progress of your business is key to the health and success of your enterprise. With dozens of helpful and customizable reports, iConnect Web POS provides you with the data you need to make important and often tough decisions regarding the future. View numbers like client retention rates, employee sales performance, sales by product type, and several others.

iConnect includes dozens of reports that can be customized to generate the data you need.


Your data will always be yours.

Just because you use a company’s POS software, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have access to all of the data you enter into that software. Export your data at any time with one click to a simple Excel spreadsheet. You can also import data in bulk to make setting up your iConnect Web POS account with employees, customers, and products quick and painless.

Multi Location.

Grow your business empire.

The core beauty of iConnect Web Based POS lies in its flexibility. Just like our goal as a company is to grow and succeed, our POS app’s goal is to help your business grow and succeed. This is why we have included built-in multi location functionality with iConnect, allowing you to add as many stores to your account as you like. Also included is the ability to share customers, products, and employees across locations, making your life as an owner that much easier.


Make iConnect yours.

iConnect Web POS is built to work for you. This means giving you the tools to customize your experience, the choice to turn certain features off and others on, and the ability to make iConnect the perfect fit for your business. Our settings options are extensive for a reason: we want iConnect to be the web based POS app that you’ve always dreamed of.