If You’re Still Using Windows XP Based POS Systems You Could Be at The Brink of Losing Everything

windows xp hackers

Windows OS has been around since the turn of the century. There have been many iterations of the operating system like Windows XP that have become convenient and familiar for many businesses. But by becoming convenient and familiar, businesses lose sight of the ever-evolving technology and dangers that come with not adapting to time.

Microsoft announced that they have discontinued updates to the Windows XP platform and will no longer service this outdated operating system. For those still using Windows XP, this means that you become vulnerable to hackers, malware, Trojans, and viruses.

In today’s society, this spells bad news as hackers are heavily invading the fintech (Financial technology) industry. A critical example of this would be the recent hackings at Target where the cyber criminals stole at least 40 million credit card numbers. This resulted in Target having to take on multiple lawsuits and compensating the victims with $10,000,000.00 dollars. Other companies that have been breached include Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, Cici’s Pizza, Wendy’s, Home Depot, Trump, and many more. Even the POS giant, Oracle, who owns Micros Point of Sale has faced a massive data breach due to security flaws. Some companies even go the distance to keep this information concealed in attempt to avoid bad publicity and lawsuits. These problems are the direct result of using insecure and outdated programs like Windows XP that are heavily susceptible to dangerous hackers and malware.

The Solution

As a result, iConnect provides businesses with the most secure, reliable, and up to date Cloud POS system that’s built for the future.

iConnect’s Cloud POS technology allows you to have secure and private information encrypted with the latest security protocols. We handle hundreds of millions of dollars every month and have new revamped improvements rolling out on a regular basis, just so your business is fortified with the best technology available today.

iConnect also supplies businesses with the tools and leverage to become more efficient in business. With big data intelligence becoming so critical to success, iConnect has integrated power BI and a plethora of smart data analytics reports to help nurture the growth of businesses. The integration of these key tools has catapulted success for iConnect’s enterprise level customers.

So if you’re business is still regularly using outdated software and hardware, let iConnect POS help you out. Set up a demo with us today to learn how iConnect is perfectly sculpted to fit your business model. You won’t need to worry about data breaches and the consequences that come with it.

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